Friday PC Interviews

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and Tyler Zeller.

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Can you update us on Harrison Barnes's status?
"Tuesday we played and Wednesday we gave everybody off. Thursday, Harrison did nothing at practice. Kendall, who also had a little blip of his ankle, was able to practice yesterday, but it was such a short practice. I really believe that he'll be okay. Harrison – I won't know everything until after practice today, and I shouldn't say ‘everything,' because if it swells up again after practice, I won't know that until late, after we get up to Maryland. But I expect him to be able to go a little bit today; he said it felt a heck of a lot better yesterday."

How confident are you that Harrison will play on Saturday?
"I'm confident -- but it makes no difference. If he gets out there today and it's hurting, he's not going to play."

Have you heard about the ACC's new 18-game format for expansion?
"I've heard about it. We got a release and I put it over by my briefcase so if I was really absolutely frickin' bored and couldn't go to sleep I'd read it tonight."

UNC and N.C. State will no longer play twice every year with the expansion plans.
"I hope to be alive when that thing happens. I'm worried about Maryland. Again, why should I get concerned or have thoughts about something that I have no control over? And I'm not trying to… Like I said, if I am really frickin' bored and can't go to sleep – have you got any other things that I could do in there? – then I'll look at that. Does that start next year?"

It's whenever Pitt and Syracuse join the league.
"Hell, I know I'm not going to read that tonight even if I'm bored stiff, then. I'm being honest. When it gets here, I'll look at it."

On Williams calling Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon earlier in the week:
"It's different. I usually don't speak to the coaches that often, to say the least, but he's part family. I really am going to have some bad thoughts about competing against him, there's no question."

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On James Michael McAdoo's improvement of late:
"He's much more confident. He's been able to get the ball in the post and make a confident move rather than just going through the motions and trying to get a shot up. He's been doing a great job finishing around the rim, which is something he's been struggling with all year. I think he's playing much better defensively, also."

Has there been a noticeable change in effort and concentration level since Dexter Strickland got hurt?
"A little bit, yes. I think more so since the Florida State game. Everybody's been able to pick it up, everybody's done great. And then when Dexter went down, we all knew that we had to step up again. We lost a great player and it's something that our guards have done a great job of trying to fill in and trying to take the minutes that we lost with Dexter."

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