UNC-UM: Postgame Quotes & Audio

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Roy Williams, Tyler Zeller, John Henson, Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock, who spoke to the media following UNC's victory over Maryland on Saturday.

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Opening comments:
"We really felt good in the locker room, that was a good win and we hit some tough shots down the stretch. The other night we couldn't hit anything but we won the game because of our defense and rebounding. Tonight we made some shots down the stretch and at the same time I thought it was our best defensive game in the second half. Terrell [Stoglin] had 20 but I thought he had 50. He is really hard to guard; Reggie Bullock was really good. Reggie still couldn't stop him [Stoglin] because he is that good. It hurts to have Tyler [Zeller] and Kendall [Marshall] in foul trouble for that long. I took a chance with Kendall with eight minutes to play; I told him he had to be smart because we needed him in the game. When I put him after the TV timeout with 8 minutes left I didn't want the crowd to get back into it. I knew that Kendall could play intelligently enough to stay away from his fifth foul.

"Zeller was big inside for us scoring. In the first half our guys didn't get very low. Zeller was our only guy scoring. Down the stretch Harrison [Barnes] made some big shots for us. We got a couple of follow shots from some people, I think Reggie got one and P.J. [Hairston] did as well. It was good that we got some offense down the stretch. I think the biggest thing was that we really did a good job defensively. Looking at the stats they shot 38 percent in the second half, they did miss some open shots but I thought our defense did some good things. I am stunned that John [Henson] only had one blocked shot, I thought it was more than that."

On any defensive halftime adjustments:
"We just had to play better. We went small and that helped us. We went with Harrison as a four man and made it more difficult to guard him. At the same time it would have been really pretty if P.J. and Reggie hit some of their jump shots. When Zeller got his fourth foul it gave us an experienced guy in Harrison who could play defense. Don't give the coaching too much credit because the players still have to make shots."

On the offensive rebounds:
"In the first half I thought that [Maryland] were much more aggressive than we were. We looked tentative around the basket. We got several offensive rebounds in the first half but we didn't make any shots. Everyone was afraid that someone was going to block their shot. I thought the offensive rebounding was good for us. The second chance points were 18-12 for us and it always helps when you make free throws down the stretch."

On the benefit of playing in a close game:
"Throughout the course of the season it always helps. We work on it in practice every other day doing last second situations. But nothing helps like seeing it in a game. Harrison sprained his ankle again in the game. I took him out and it looked like he was limping around out there on the defensive ends for a couple of possessions. I didn't tell him but I said to myself if I saw him limping around again on the defensive end I was going to take him out for good. Maybe he picked up my vibe because he stopped limping so I kept him in the game. I didn't want to take him out and let it stiffen up some more for him."

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On how playing in a close game helps the team:
"I think it will help us a lot. Last year we had a lot of games like this but it shows that we can be tough enough in the end to make the plays and get the stops we need. There are a few things we want to fix down the stretch but it's nice to fix that now instead of in the NCAA Tournament when its life or death."

On Maryland center Alex Len:
"I think he has the potential to be very good. He's a little raw right now, he goaltended a few shots being too aggressive, going for blocked shots, but I think he has the potential to be very good and I think in time as he gets older he will be."

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On the game:
"It was a tough game. Maryland has always been tough on us. At home they feed off the crowd and Stoglin is a great scorer, and they held on down low. It was a tough game tonight coming to their house."

On his play in the second half:
"It was a mentality. I got one shot to go in the hole and I just fed off that. I'm glad to help the team out."

On his decision to dunk on Len on the final play:
"I don't even know. They kept asking me and I said instinct just kicked in. I didn't necessarily want to dunk, but I saw him running at me and I was under the basket, so instinct just kicked in and that's how it happened."

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How bad did it hurt to re-sprain your ankle?
It was a lot of pain. It was like somebody shot me in the ankle; that's about how much pain it was. Because it was already hurt, and you do the same kind of thing to it..."

Were you ever close to not playing?
"No, the thought never crossed my mind. I was always going to go out there and try to do it as best I could, but it was just a matter of if I was going to be able to play 30 minutes or three minutes."

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On team's mentality with Zeller and Marshall in foul trouble:
"Everybody just had to up their level of play. We just had to adjust and play sound defense and on offense, we just had to move and set picks and be aggressive."

On defending Stoglin:
"it was great team defense. It wasn't really difficult at all. I just knew I could take a break off at all. They run a lot of stuff for him and try to get him the ball a lot, so I just had to be there and play fundamental sound defense and the team helped me out a lot."

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