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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program this week? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

It felt like the Maryland game was an important win for this team:
"It was. That's a tough place to play. In 2009, we won the national championship and lost up there. We had lost three straight games in their building. We mentioned that; we didn't make a big deal of it. We just told them that's how difficult it was. And to do that – Harrison sprained his ankle again, ‘Z' was in foul trouble and only played 22 minutes, Kendall was in foul trouble and we had a lot of things that they had to overcome. I felt really good for our team because they put something into it and invested wholeheartedly and got something out of it."

How is Harrison Barnes's ankle?
"Well, in fact, he sprained it again during the Maryland game. I took him out and I'm one of those old fogies – I think that if it's just a sprained ankle, play as much as you can and keep it going, because if not, it's going to balloon up on you and it's going to be even worse. In the Wake Forest game I kept him in at the end and felt like he'd make some big baskets for us and he did. And the same thing with the Maryland game. I thought he showed some big-time toughness. It didn't feel as bad [on Sunday and Monday] as it did the first two days after the Wake Forest game. So today we had a short practice. We only hit a little over an hour and we subbed him in and out more than half of the time, so he probably got 20-25 minutes of actual work on it, but he seemed to get out of it okay."

On the team's rebounding:
"Right now, knock on wood and on my noggin, too, we're the No. 1 team in the nation in rebound margin. But that doesn't make any difference. We still have to do it on Wednesday night and we have to do it Saturday. We do emphasize rebounding and John and ‘Z' go to the boards. We get more rebounding out of Reggie. We need to get more from Harrison and P.J., but now I'm trying to get Kendall to go back on the defensive board and find a big guy to box out because his guy is going back for defensive balance. [Mark] Turgeon, at Maryland on Saturday, they sent two guys back, so it takes them off the boards and it's another benefit that we get from running as much as we do because people take guys off the boards to stop our fast break."

On Henson's outside shooting:
"He made one big one right in front of our bench on the baseline [against Maryland]. John has worked on his shot very hard. He's making a bunch of them and as long as he keeps making them, I like it. That's pretty easy. I don't like guys that shoot; I like guys that can make. He's making more of them than he's missing, so that's good. I just keep telling John, ‘Don't forget where the bread is buttered. Nobody can handle you down low, but some people may be able to handle you from 18-20 feet.'"

How do you approach big games emotionally with your team?
"It depends. I've won games before that I was not very pleased with and a lot of them were this year in the pre-conference season. And then we've lost some games where I thought we played very well. The biggest thing for me at Virginia Tech, for example, is that we were down at halftime and I thought we had done some very good things, so I told the team that. I told them that we've just got to play a little bit better. I don't go in with a blueprint or a plan as to how I'm going to act. Coach [Dean] Smith always used the terminology that you've got to go by the seat of your pants when the game starts and that's what I do. But I will look at how we're playing. I don't let the scoreboard tell me how we're playing. Most of the time, I'll go the entire first half and never look at the scoreboard until I'm walking through the tunnel at the Smith Center to go to the locker room."

Do you ever have motivational speakers come in before a game?
"No, I don't think before a game. We have speakers come in throughout the course of the season. Just a couple of weeks ago, Bill Chamberlain, who played with me on the freshman team 100 years ago, he came in and spoke. We've had Al Wood speak to us before. But I've never really had anybody come in and speak to us before the game. Each young man at this level has a routine that he wants to go through and I don't want to confuse him with that by trying to put something else in there."

A caller says that he's dating a beautiful girl and he wants to ask her to marry him. She knows all about him except that his dad went to Duke. How should he break it to her?
"My advice is that sometimes the best thing is to just not say a word. I wouldn't tell her. I'd let her figure that out later. I would leave that part alone. That could kill something."


How is your ankle feeling?
"My ankle is great and I'll be ready to go against Duke."

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