Clint Jackson's Updated Class of 2002 Rankings

Raymond Felton

Inside Carolina's Recruiting Analyst Clint Jackson has updated his Class of 2002 rankings.

Jackson is the sole national recruiting writer who has future Tar Heel Raymond Felton ranked atop the class.

"People will say Amare Stoudemire is the No. 1 player in the class, but here's how I see it," Jackson said. "Stoudemire is the No. 1 pro prospect because of his height, strength, shot blocking, etc.

"But in terms of impact on the college level -- being a guard -- he's head and shoulders above everybody in this class and he always wins. That's why I decided to keep him at No. 1."

The other committed Tar Heel from the Class fo 2002, Rashad McCants, moved up one spot to No. 10.

"Rashad is pretty consistent with what he brings to the floor with his intensity, athleticism and attitude," Jackson said.

Biggest Movers: Carmelo Anthony (up six spots to No. 6), Sean May (up five spots to No. 8) and Dee Brown (leaps to No. 19).

1- Raymond Felton 6'1 PG (SC)
2- Amare Stoudemire 6'10 C (FL)
3- Lenny Cooke 6'5 SG (NY)
4- Shavlik Randolph 6'9 PF (NC)
5- Evan Burns 6'8 WF (CA)
6- Carmelo Anthony 6'8 WF (MD)
7- Sani Ibrahim 6'10 C (MA)
8- Sean May 6'8 PF (IN)
9- Shelden Williams 6'8 PF (OK)
10- Rashad McCants 6'3 WF (NH)
11- Anthony Roberson 6'2 PG (MI)
12- Bracey Wright 6'3 SG (TX)
13- JJ Redick 6'5 SG (VA)
14- Torin Francis 6'9 PF (MA)
15- Kennedy Winston 6'7 WF (AL)
16- Alexander Johnson 6'10 PF (GA)
17- JR Morris 6'5 WF (WI)
18- Chris Rodgers 6'3 PG (OR)
19- Dee Brown 6'1 PG (IL)
20- Gerry McNamara 6'1 PG (PA)
21- Sean Dockery 6'3 PG (IL)
22- Kelenna Azubuike 6'5 WF (OK)
23- TaQuan Dean 6'3 SG (NJ)
24- Allan Ray 6'2 PG (NY)
25- DeAngelo Collins 6'9 PF (CA)

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