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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- UNC head coach Roy Williams updated P.J. Hairston's status for the Miami game, expressed concern over Kendall Marshall's minutes and provided details on Dexter Strickland's recovery from surgery during his radio show on Monday night.

It seemed like Tyler Zeller received a lot of unfair criticism after the Duke game:
"It was. Period. The end. And the calls and the things that we get in the office is not a very pleasant part of the situation. But the bottom line is that he got way too much blame. He's a tough, tough kid. I would take him over 100 other people in those other locker rooms, even [in] games that they beat us. Tyler Zeller is the epitome of what a student-athlete at the University of North Carolina should be. Period. The end. You can't be a nicer kid and you can't be a better student. You can't be a better athlete and you can't be a better person. And the people that said negative things about Tyler… I feel sorry for them."

Any update on P.J. Hairston's status?
"P.J. [Monday] at practice did dummy offense and shooting and that's all he did. We'll make a decision tomorrow – well, first of all, we'll get his reaction of how it felt after doing that today and how it feels tomorrow and then we'll make a decision whether to let him do anything more in practice and let him get a little more involved or just keep it at that. My guess, and I would emphasize strongly the word guess, is that he would not play against Miami. But we'll have to wait and see what it's like tomorrow at practice."

Would you like to see Reggie Bullock post up on smaller defenders?
"Yes and no. I think it would be good if it was part of Reggie's game, but it's not part of his game. He's always been a perimeter player. He never posted up in high school. He was not an inside player. But then the other thing is it doesn't do any good to post somebody up if it's just going to crowd things up.

"When ‘Z' goes outside the 3-point line, he can come over there and shake my hand if he wants to, but that other defensive player is not going to come over with him. So where's he going to be? He's going to be in the lane. So if John comes over there and shakes my hand and we put our hands together and sing, ‘Kumbaya,' their defensive players are not going to join in. They're going to be in the lane, too.

"I can draw up things on paper that look so cute and they'll always work, but you have to get the other team to agree… I would like Reggie to do that if that was part of Reggie's game. We used to post up Michael Jordan all of the time. But Sam Perkins could do what? Perkins was a big-time 3-point shooter, so Sam's guy had to go out there and chase him."

What does Stilman White need to continue to improve on?
"He's really doing some nice things. He needs to get bigger, faster, quicker, stronger, all of those things. Sutton's Drug Store doesn't have any of those things that John Woodard can give him and 30 seconds later he'll look like Rashad McCants. But he's really doing some good things. He gave us some great minutes on Saturday because I'm starting to get really concerned about how many minutes Kendall's spending on the floor. He gave us a couple of extra minutes. Kendall only went 32 [minutes]. To me, there's a huge difference between 32 and 36."

How is Dexter Strickland feeling after his surgery last week?
"Well, it was a very involved surgery. Dr. Alex Creighton did it and thinks things went really, really well. Dexter came down to the gym today, the first time since he was operated on Thursday morning. I was over there about 7am Thursday and came back later on to see him that night. They let him out of the hospital on Friday. His mom has been here and needless to say, he's been getting great care, so he's in good hands. He was there this afternoon and Dr. Creighton looked at the stitching and the whole bit and thought that everything really looks good. So it's just get through the first couple of weeks and then you can start doing a lot of things."

On four of the last six regular season games on the road against teams in the top half of the ACC standings:
"You have to play the whole schedule. You look at those guys on top right now and it appears on paper that we have the most difficult schedule against those teams in the top half of the league, but the bottom line we knew what it was in November, so there's no since in complaining about it now. You have to play. We have an opportunity to control our own destiny and that's by playing our tails off and that's what we'll ask them to do."

What can you do to carry over shooting success in practice to games?
"If I knew, we'd shoot it a heck of a lot better. I kept saying we're making them all in practice when we didn't make them very much in games. Now we're not making them in practice, either. So maybe we shouldn't talk about it at all. But we want to have great balance. And I really go to that over and over again. I don't want to shoot 50 threes in a game, but I also would like to shoot and make more than one out of 10. I guess what I would like to do is make more; I don't care if we shoot more."

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