Strength and Conditioning. Part III

More records continue to fall as the UNC FB team continues testing.


The top five in squats on the UNC FB team:

1)  Ryan Sims, Sr.  - 705

2) Marcus Wilson, So. - 630

3) Kitwana Jones, So. - 630

4) Jason Brown, Fr. - 630

5) Jeb Terry, So. - 615

Surprisingly, true freshman Jason Brown is in the top five.  "Jason had an excellent high school weight coach, " says Connors, "Before he is done at UNC, he will likely shatter all the records." 

"He has a [Olympic] competion-level squat," says Connors.

The 705-lb mark by Ryan Sims already is an all-time UNC record.

Other Notes:

  • Both Julius Peppers and Joey Evans have broken the record for power clean by a defensive end set by Ebenezer Ekuban - both cleaned 358, and reportedly are going head-to-head for bragging rights.
  • Will Chapman has broken the power clean record by a defensive tackle set by Ric Terry, by cleaning 358 pounds.
  • Madison Hedgecock broke the power clean record previously held for fullbacks by cleaning 365, but James Fasion, also a fullback, broke the all-time power clean record regardless of position by cleaning 374. 



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