2013 Intro: Bryon Fields

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --- Bryon Fields, a 5-foot-10, 160-pound prospect from Providence Day School, will attend North Carolina's Junior Day on Saturday.

Scouting Report

"I'll tell you what: he might be the toughest player I've coached in a long time," Providence Day head coach Bruce Hardin said. "He broke his hand in the fourth game and played all season, caught passes, ran punts back, he'd deliver hits on defense… Not many kids would do what he did – he played the rest of the season, playoff games, and never complained.

"He did a lot of things for us. He's just such a good athlete that we threw the ball to him, ran the jet sweep with him with his speed. If you get him in space, he just has such an awareness that he's tough to deal with. And of course, if you give him one or two blocks on a punt return, he's going to make something happen – he's going to give our offense good field position or he's going to take it all the way.

"You don't have to motive him – he's self-motivated. And he doesn't have an ego that you have to feed. He's not a selfish player – if we only ran the ball and he was on offense, he would block his rear end off for his teammates and never say ‘Why am I not getting the ball.' He is a model athlete and person."

Prep Career

Since his freshman year, Fields has started at cornerback for Providence Day. He became an "iron man" this past season, only leaving the field for kickoffs.

"Coming into the season, I didn't want to come off the field – the coaches knew that and I trained like I wasn't going to come off the field," Fields said. "... I love being out on the field, so I wouldn't have it any other way. Just anywhere I could help out the team was my goal."

"He likes being out there and he doesn't get tired and the reason is because of his work ethic," Hardin said. "He'll come in this [pre-school workout] class and work his butt off in the mornings and then have a ball game at night. He has lofty goals for himself."

Even more impressive: Fields unknowingly played most of the season with a broken bone in his wrist.

"The third or fourth game of the year, I broke it but I didn't know because I didn't go to the doctor," Fields said. "So I played most of the season with a broken wrist and I didn't know. I went to the doctor [in January] and that's when they told me."

Fields ended the season with 47 tackles, five interceptions, and two pass deflections on defense. On offense, he caught 30 passes for 653 yards and two scores and rushed for 98 yards and three scores on 17 carries. He also averaged 21.25 yards on 24 punt returns with a score.


Fields is receiving interest from Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Purdue, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and Wake Forest.

"Those that have seen my film have said that they liked it," Fields said.

Position-wise, most schools that Fields has actually spoken to are recruiting him as an athlete. Vanderbilt is the lone exception, projecting him as a cornerback.

"I prefer to play defense and to help out on special teams. Defense is where I feel most comfortable [and] where I feel my talents fit best," Fields said. "I like playing receiver, but I feel like I'm a better defensive player as far as my instincts."

"I think he's dangerous with the ball in his hands, but size wise he might be better on defense," Hardin said. "Plus he's very comfortable on defense and he doesn't shy away from contact."

The only school Fields has visited thus far is Duke. He'll take his second recruiting trip this Saturday to UNC.

Extra Notes

Fields starts at point guard on Providence Day's basketball team where he was averaging over 20 points a game until the wrist injury was discovered and sidelined him… Fields also excels in the classroom, maintaining a weighted 4.10 GPA.

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