Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program this week? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

On Tyler Zeller's pump fake and dunk for Carolina's final basket against Virginia:
"It's crazy, because on that play we have five options. There's an option for everybody on the floor to get a shot in that play. Kendall had a good read – they over helped a little bit on Kendall's drive and ‘Z' was paying attention. I tell him all the time there's only one ball out there, you should know where the basketball is. I hate it when a guy is running through the lane and his teammate throws it off the side of his head. ‘Z' was alert enough, Kendall saw him and then ‘Z' made a nice pump fake and took to the basket and finished it pretty effectively to say the least."

On Reggie Bullock's defense, particularly against NC State's Scott Wood:
"I think the game here Reggie was even better… I shouldn't speak for another team, but if you look at the numbers, [Wood's] in a little bit of a slump, so I think that's affected him a little bit as well. But Reggie has really done a good job for us defensively. In fact, he's concentrated so much on the defensive end of the floor, if we look at it now, he's been more effective for us defensively than he has shooting the ball in the basket, but he's done it on the defensive end of the floor, he's helped us on the backboards with his rebounding. If we can get him going a little bit again where he can make 2 or 3 or 4 three's in a game, then we really got something."

How do you make sure your guys don't overlook the Maryland game on Wednesday?
"It is pretty easy to understand we play a pretty good opponent on Saturday. It's already all over to TV and the whole bit like this, but I think our guys understand that we play Maryland first and we need to take care of business against Maryland. I also think that I know Maryland's coach very well – Mark Turgeon, so I'm not going to fail to emphasize it, because I want us to be prepared, because he's going to have his club prepared. The good thing about it is… it's Senior Night… it's going to be a big deal for me on Senior Night. I don't mean this to be so critical, but last year on Senior Day it was like you applauded an opera and I haven't been to many operas. [This year] we have Tyler Zeller and Justin Watts who have played their butts off and I want people to be fired up.

"I told those two kids in front of the whole team and I almost got emotional thinking about it. In my professional career, Tyler Zeller and Justin Watts were with me at the highest you could possibly be and Tyler Zeller and Justin Watts, in my professional career, were with me at the lowest moment I could possibly be and that was 2010. Those kids have gone through so many different things and have stuck with what we're trying to do and be good examples and good representatives of the University as well as our basketball program. I will be extremely emotional Wednesday night and I will be extremely fired up and those guys… their butts better be into it too."

Is Dexter Strickland expected to be healthy for the beginning of the season next year?
"I would imagine so. We haven't talked about that, but typically now that injury is a 6 or 7-month deal. I guess it was early February when he was operated on, so if that were the case you would think that 7-month period would be up in August. That's the way we're working right now, but every kid is going to come along at a different rate and at a different pace so we're just going to have to wait and see."

Do you care about how many of your players make the All-ACC team?
"Well you care about it. You want your kids to be rewarded if they've been successful. I've always said that the teams that are most successful – their players should get the awards and rewards, so we do think about that thing. I try not to politic, I don't say much about it, the kids have to deserve it, but if they get it we're as happy as we can possibly be. We've had some kids who have had really good seasons for us or we wouldn't be 25-4.

"I'll put it to you this way. This is what I really believe… I've been very fortunate, I've gotten the ‘Winged Foot Award' as National Coach of the Year twice and you know the reason that's the best one? Because it goes to the coach that's won the National Championship. That's very easy. I've gotten some of those other ones that didn't feel quite as good, but when you go to New York City and get the ‘Winged Foot Award' as the coach whose team won the National Championship I really believe players should be rewarded like that. Hopefully some of our guys will get some great recognition here at the end."

Are you done recruiting for next year's freshman class?
"No. You're never done recruiting and I'll use that word again. You are never done recruiting. If somebody's got a nephew that can play his rear-end off make sure you tell me, I don't care what class he is. There are not a lot of guys left out there, but no, we're always aware and there's not a day goes by that in our office we don't talk extensively about recruiting. Not a single day. I don't care if it's June or if it's September or if it's February or if it's ‘Juvember'."

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