UNC-UMd: Postgame Quotes & Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Roy Williams and players following UNC's game Wednesday against Maryland.

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Opening Comments:

"I feel great about the win and great about the seniors, for sure. I told Turge(on) that I'm sorry David shot the ball at the end but he is a senior walk-on so I'm glad he did it ... Z(eller) was sensational. We felt like we had a huge advantage inside and tried to go in as much as we could.

"First half I was very frustrated - we had four pitch-aheads that usually end up as two points and that plus John making a bad decision meant on five fast break possessions we had zero points. It was an 11-point game at halftime and should have been much more.

"Stoglin is hard to guard and Reggie did a nice job ... we're still winning and doing some good things. 39 percent is not winning pretty but we still like some things going on out there."

What has been the most special thing of having Tyler Zeller in this program the last four years?

"It's a long list of things. Most special is that I believe he's the true epitome of a fantastic student-athlete. I can't think of a better representative of that term and of the University of North Carolina. ... He's just enriched my life and made me a heck of a lot better coach and more importantly a better person."

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Why do you think you were able to get the line so much tonight, enough to set a Smith Center record?

"Part of it was that I thought I made a lot of good moves and was able to get the defender off balance. But I was also frustrated that I couldn't finish some and-ones, which I'm normally good at."

Can you talk about the experience of playing your last game on this court?

"It's something I'm going to miss tremendously. The crowd is always great, being able to play for North Carolina, being on national television - all of that is super. It's something I'll miss but I'm glad I was able to be a part of it. ... It's gone very, very quick but I've enjoyed it and it's been a great experience."

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After the senior ceremonies, you guys huddled up as a team. What was said?

"Enjoy this tonight. It's a special moment for those five guys to play their last game on the Smith Center court. But at the same time we have bigger goals ahead of us. Enjoy it until midnight and get ready to go tomorrow."

Do you think Tyler Zeller is the ACC Player of the Year?

"Without a doubt. If you're going off of team success, and what the player means to the team, I think he is head and shoulders above for that individual accolade. It may be a little tough because we have so many good players on our team where some teams just have one key guy -- but in my mind Tyler Zeller, hands down ... he's our leader."

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Last summer, Roy Williams talked to you about the importance of being a great leader behind the scenes with this team. He says you've become that. What did you do to become such a leader?

"I think I just was myself, didn't try to be like anyone else. I tried to lead by example more than being a vocal leader and yelling at people and hovering over them. I just do what Coach tells me to do and the younger guys follow. I've had some good guys follow so I haven't had to do much."

Have you had a chance to reflect at all on this being your last game in the Smith Center?

"I haven't reflected yet. It hasn't hit me just yet. We just went in to try and get the win and taking this as just the next win. Maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll have some emotions about it ... "

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Opening Comments:

"I thought Carolina was great, especially Zeller. We couldn't guard him. All night. He kept drawing fouls on us and controlled the game. We didn't have a postgame to take on that challenge. But with that said we cut it to six and then it was eight and guys were executing, things were going well and then they got to the foul line and we turned it over three straight possessions and took a bad shot and it got away from us.

"We ran out of gas. I don't make excuses and I'm not making excuses tonight, but we got tired. Mike played with strep throat, Sean hurt his ankle and gutted it out. And then our bigs were in foul trouble all night.

"We battled them on the boards. When things were going well, we ran back, but we didn't run back when things weren't going well.

"There's a reason they are 26-4 and preseason No. 1. They've got pretty good players."

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