Barry Jacobs says don't count out the Heels

Barry Jacobs, writing at ACCToday, warns those predicting of ends to the various Carolina basketball streaks this season should be wary of the past - where the Heels have overcome tough odds and harsh critics many times before.

There is one place, however, where the Devils' level of excellence has been consistently matched and often exceeded, one place where the givens haven't altered over time.

That's at North Carolina, which finishes every ACC season in the front rank of conference competitors. That's been a truth since the heights of the Great Society and the first serious expansion of the Vietnam War, since current ACC head coaches Matt Doherty and Paul Hewitt were two years old, since the parents of today's players were still too young to vote.

The last time the Heels finished lower than third place in the ACC was 1964.

LINK: Barry: What We Expect

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