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ATLANTA -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Roy Williams, John Henson, Kendall Marshall, Tyler Zeller and James Michael McAdoo, as well as Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon, who spoke to the media following UNC's win on Friday.

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Opening Comments:
"Kendall and I were out there talking. He had six turnovers. He said he thinks it's four, I told him I thought it was eight. I want to congratulate our team on a big win but I can't go any longer than that without saying congratulations to Kendall for breaking the single-season assist record in the ACC. We've been playing basketball a long time and there a lot of great point guards and Kendall Marshall's had more assists in any season than anybody else so it's fantastic. He took care of it very early. He had seven assists and only two turnovers at halftime.

"Today we were tested. You may look at the score and think it is not, but John goes down, Kendall gets two fouls, the last three minutes of the first half we play without him, ‘Z' gets four and Harrison sprained his ankle a little bit. He may have looked a lot smoother out there than we felt as staff sitting on the bench, but James Michael was big for us today. P.J. was big and that last three that P.J. shot went in and went out, came back in and went back out, that's just the story of his season so far, but I still think he's going to make some shots for us. James Michael was big.

"I think I'll be all right saying this, they don't think it's a break with John. It's just he had trouble catching and gripping the basketball and it is his left wrist and that's his dominant hand even though he is right handed and so he didn't feel comfortable and we didn't feel comfortable because he didn't. If he had felt comfortable gripping the basketball and catching the basketball we would've allowed him to play, but he just didn't feel comfortable doing that.

"It's a win in the ACC Tournament, we had five guys in double figure, and we live to play another day. Reggie was 6-10, 15 points, 3 assists, no turnovers in 31 minutes and having to chase Stoglin more than anybody else is a big-time deal. [Stoglin] ended up with 30 today, but it wasn't because our guys didn't try defensively. He's just a good player. We're as happy as we can be, we're happy for Kendall, we're happy for our team."

Are injuries one of the reasons you don't enjoy the ACC Tournament as much as others?
"No. You can have those kinds of things happen in practice. There were a couple of calls out there today that were flagrant-1 and I don't think either player intentionally did it and I think the officials in some way were handicapped by what they have to do. I don't think it was a bad play – what happened to John. I think the same kind of thing could happen in practice. My feelings about the tournament, and again I think they've been overblown, but the bottom-line is that we're in a tournament and we're going to try our best to win and you hate for something like that to happen the first day of practice and you hate it to happen the first day of a tournament."

Has John had an X-ray ?
"I was told that he was having an X-ray taken and I was told what they saw and that it was not broken. They did not think, I guess is probably a better way to put it, that there was a break there. At halftime I was going to try to let him warm up and then make the decision whether to play him, but the doctors kept him back there and the trainers kept him back there so long he didn't get a chance to warm up. Then I think it just got to a point where it was silly to try and go with the thing and… I do believe [X-rays] were taken. That's what we were told."

What are your plans for John tomorrow?
"You always have plans, but you always have to change them. What we would like to do is see how he feels about it tonight… He could not grip it, so if tonight he starts feeling better about doing that then I think he'll have more of a chance to play tomorrow as long as the doctors allow him to go, which is what they were telling me today. He just didn't feel good gripping the ball or catching the pass."

What has been the difference in James Michael McAdoo's play and mindset in the last month?
"I can't really tell you what his mindset is, because I haven't been in his mind, but I think he's more confident. We've had some discussions about ‘what you're going through is what a lot of people go through.' The difference between high school basketball and basketball in the ACC is a big difference. I can't tell you exactly what it is, but even when he's struggling I kept putting him in the game and so one day I finally told him. I said ‘hey, I must think you're pretty good, because you're not playing very well and I keep putting you in so why don't you go ahead and play well' and I think he's done some things. His work level has never been bad, but I think he did upgrade that a little bit as well. I think his attention has never been bad, but I think he upgraded that a little bit. His aggressiveness – I've always wanted him to be more aggressive and I really think he's done a better job at that the last five weeks or whatever time-period it is."

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What is the prognosis on your wrist?
"I took X-rays, [they were] negative, so it's just a sprain. I've had this injury before a couple years ago. I don't know if you remember, but I wore a splint for half the season, so I think it is probably the same thing, a little worse than it was before, and hopefully I can get back."

Was it how you landed?
"Yeah. My leg got caught under him so I was more concerned with getting my leg in front of me and landed on my wrist and that's what I injured"

What is the plan going forward?
"I'm going to ice it, take care of it tonight and hopefully I can get back."

What did you think of the play of James Michael McAdoo today?
"I think he player great considering he came off the bench and he really stepped in and was a lift for us. There wasn't a drop-off in play, which is what we want when we have people come off the bench"

Are you going to play tomorrow?
"I don't know. We'll see and we'll know tomorrow morning before the game tomorrow."

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On the bench play today:
"I think this might have been the biggest game of the year for our bench. I think they gained a lot of confidence out of that, because they're players that are going to have to help us down the stretch and I think they showed today that they can do that."

What does breaking the single-season ACC assist record mean to you?
"This record is probably to biggest one to me. There's a lot of great players that have come through the ACC and some are great scorers and some are great passers and to be just mentioned in the same breath as them it means a lot, but at the same time, I'm humbled by it. I realize that those players went on to do greater things and I want to be able to do that as well."

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How important was it to keep the momentum going after the win over Duke last weekend?
"Extremely important. I think we're trying to build and trying to play for the tournament. We got to be able to play this week, but, more importantly, next week when the national tournament starts. We got to be as prepared as possible for that, so I think we don't want to have any lag of being overconfident after that game."

How does it change your role when John goes out?
"It changes a lot. I got to be more aggressive rebounding the ball. I got to deter shots more. I'm not as much a shot blocker as John, but I do have the ability, so when he goes out I go to find a way to protect the basket."

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Are you ready to step up if John is out?
"Yes sir. I'm just blessed and thankful to God. Hopefully John is not hurt too badly, but I practice everyday just like everyone else has. I've paid my dues so I'm just going to do what Coach has taught me to do and go out there and execute."

What has been the key for you seemingly turning the corner the past couple of weeks?
"Just really going hard in practice. Coach is just really harping on that and there is not much you can change and learn this part of the season. It's just going out there and playing and executing, so that's what I've been doing and I feel like it kind of showed today. I'm thankful to God I was able to have a good game."

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Opening comments:
"We obviously lost to a great team today that, quite honest with you, seems to get better every time we play them and I think it is on the defensive end where they are getting better. They have always been able to score, and they make scoring look so easy. Defensively, I thought their interior defense was great. They made Terrell, who had a great night, really work for everything. They keep getting better. We lost to a great team. I was proud of my team, we competed, we tried hard, we really tried hard. I don't think we ever really quit. We didn't run back a few times and were lazy a few times on defense, but besides that, I thought we really tried hard and I was really proud of the effort."

On the offensive struggles of the frontcourt:
"Their length gives us problems. I was disappointed we couldn't score on McAdoo. I thought we could score on him. He is not seven foot. Our guys were just out of it. Our post guys were just out of it. Pankey is the only one that played. Alex played not very well. James was out of it all day. We couldn't get those two guys to run back on defense, that's key to the game. It was tough. We couldn't get anything around the basket. We spread them a little bit in the second half and weren't able to get to the rim on the drive with our guards. Give their big guys credit, our big guys just weren't very good today."

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