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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program this week? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

What changed in the second half against Florida State?
"If I knew that I'd change the dadgum thing in the first half. That's a simple answer. They're kids. They're 18, 19, 20 year olds, who knows what's coming. Everybody in here has a son or a daughter or a niece or a nephew. You tell me you know exactly why they do things, I'll tell you you're a liar. It's a pretty easy deal.

"For us, we kept pleading the whole game we got to compete harder, we got to compete, we have to fight. I told them it's going to be battle, you got to decide to be involved and participate or be a conscientious objector. If you're going to do that come over and sit with me. I've got no problem with that, but tell me prior to it. We did start competing much harder and got some steals, got our break going, started defending a little bit more and then we, again, had some opportunities, had a big time open shot from Kendall. Kendall just missed it, but he made some big plays. In fact, he made some big plays to bring us back from a 16 points down."

How much do you look at the entire NCAA Tournament bracket outside of your own game?
"I really don't care about the rest of it. I just focus on what we have to do. I'll look and say ‘oh, they're the number one seed there, they're the number three seed there and this is one of my coaching buddies, what did he get?' I can look at the bracket for fifteen minutes and I don't need to look at again until the tournaments over with, because, for me, I'm just focused on what we're doing. I have some great friends – Mark Few, I can tell you is a seven seed. I can go down the line like that.

"I really thought it was neat, and I'm not a North Carolina State fan, but I hated that they were the very last team to be told they were in, but I thought that was a neat deal watching their celebration and Mark Gottfried jumping up and down and everybody jumping around. That's one of those neat moments in college athletics."

How is John Henson's wrist doing?
"We did not have practice today. I did not see John today. He came and saw Chris, our trainer. Chris came and told me we just got to wait until he can grip the ball and catch the ball without any pain and not just grip the ball, but holding it… if somebody tries to knock it loose. If we had to play today, he would not have played."

Do you think John will be available this weekend?
"I have no idea. You can say it's a day-by-day thing and that's exactly what it is. Like I said, if we had played today, he would not have played and we'll have to wait and see. Sometimes kids bounce back quicker than others and some parts of your body – I've always said with hands, wrists, feet I'm terrible and I've been coaching a long time. When Ed Davis went down I turned to our staff and said ‘Ed's really hurt his wrist' and he tried to play after that and he had [hurt his wrist]. Hands have so many small bones, feet have so many small bones, the wrist… I've never been a good judge. I was an assistant football coach in high school one time and a guy's running a sweep in practice and a guy turned and nailed him and I just turned around and yelled ‘go call 911.' I'm thirty yards away, but I knew that kid was hurt, but hands and feet, I've never been good. I've said ‘yeah, you don't look like you're bothered at all' and you've got 27 broken bones or something. I just try to stay away from those."

On P.J. Hairston's 13-point performance against Florida State:
"We need that from P.J.. We need him to get out of his little funk and make some shots for us. He had two really nice plays on the defensive end where he sprints back and gets involved on a play. One time he deflects the ball out of bounds when they've got a three on one situation and he came from behind and knocked it out of bounds and allowed us to get our defense set. He did another couple of things defensively for us as well. He took a charge and we needed that from P.J. and no one needed it more than he did, because he's been very discouraged by the way he's played."

Were you pleased with the quality of shot that Kendall took towards the end of the Florida State game?
"Absolutely. I mean it's a wide open shot from a guy who's made some over the weekend and if it goes in the basket everybody is going to say, ‘boy what a great play Kendall made', but he was willing to take the shot… it think it was somewhere around 17 seconds left to go. We didn't call a timeout. We knew what defense we were facing. If you call a timeout, then you got to be willing to understand that they could change defenses on you. Whatever you call is not going to work, so we liked that. We had him milk the [clock] a little bit, got the ball to Harrison. They did a great job on Harrison trying to keep him from penetrating. We go back to Kendall and, again, he's wide open, but he's played great this whole weekend and it's just a shame that one didn't go in. Everybody on our staff was ecstatic with the quality of the shot.

"To be honest with you, we almost got exactly what we wanted on the last play and their kid just made a big time play. We had a screen – well we had five screens set during the course of the play, but the last one was a screen by Kendall for PJ to be our second or third option, either one, and the kid from Florida State just ran right through the screen. If Coach Fedora were here tonight, he'd like to have some running backs who could run the screen like the kid from Florida State did and was able to bother PJ on the last shot, but no, we felt like that shot was a fantastic shot."

Why did you decide to play zone defense some during the ACC Tournament and were you pleased with the team's execution?
"Well, they were making every dadgum shot, you got to try something. We had practiced the zone a little bit last week, because when you play in a tournament three straight days sometimes playing zone is not as difficult as playing pressure man to man. You still don't want your guys to rest in a zone, but we felt like with our depth… it might be something where we could save Kendall a few moments.

"In 2005, we used it in the regionals with Raymond Felton and those guys. When Raymond got in foul trouble we used it in St. Louis at the Final Four. We did work on it a little bit more last week so we would have it. Again, against Florida State we were just trying to find something that might slow them down a little bit. It did slow them down. The first possession they missed on it and they made a couple of them, but two of the ones they made were, again, over ‘J-Watts' hand and you can't guard them any better. If you don't block it, you can't guard it any better than he did."

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