Tuesday PC Interviews

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Tuesday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Harrison Barnes, Tyler Zeller and Kendall Marshall as UNC prepares for the NCAA Tournament this weekend in Greensboro, N.C.

Roy Williams
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Update on John Henson:
"I saw John just a few minutes ago, and we started to shake hands, and I said, ‘No, let's shake with the other hand.' And he said, ‘Oh, I can shake hands with you.' So he's improving. Today we won't do any live stuff with him. If I had to guess, and this is merely a guess, if the game were today he probably still would not play today. But we're being hopeful that he will by Friday. But you have no way of knowing. He's had some swelling and he's had some decrease in swelling in the last 24 hours. It swelled up quite a bit over the weekend. I shouldn't say quite a bit. You could see it, let's put it that way, and it's gone done some since then.

"But my guess, and I do want to emphasize that, but my guess is that we won't know anything until Thursday at the earliest."

Would you consider doing with John what you did with Ty Lawson in holding him out of the first game just to give him some extra rest?
"With Ty, there really was a question about if he was going to play in the second game. There really was… Yes, I would answer that question with, but I think we're way too early to think about that. Because Ty really couldn't go the day before the first NCAA game [that] year. We're not at that point with John. But for the most part, other than Tywon, we were pretty healthy at that time. But we're not exactly like that right now."

Are you keeping John away from the Epsom salt?

Harrison Barnes
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Is the team ready to play its best right now?
"Assuming John's healthy, I think we are. There's no substitute for experience. We're playing together and starting to have some of our best performances. I think we're ready now more than ever."

How does Kendall make things easier for you?
"He just does a great job of facilitating. He's probably the best in the country, for sure, but just the best player that I've known to just his [teammates] extremely well. He knows how to get you the ball in perfect position for him to do his jump hook. He knows how to get the ball to John in a position where he has time to go up for a jump shot. He knows how to give me space so I can operate. So I think he does a good job of knowing players, but also how to get them in the right position to get good shots."

Tyler Zeller
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His thoughts about UNC's tournament seeding and destination:
"We didn't expect to go to the Midwest. We kind of assumed Kentucky would be there, but it was something that we hoped we were going to be a No. 1 seed. We're very glad to be a one seed, so we were excited to see who was in our bracket and see who we play and all of that. It was pretty much what we expected. We weren't like one of those teams jumping up and down, but we were excited to see how it came out."

Do you ever fill out brackets?

Did you in high school?
"No. I was actually a very weird child. I've never been a sports fan. I don't know why. I like watching games, but I've never followed teams, never had a favorite team. My little brother is phenomenal at it, though, I will say that."

Kendall Marshall
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On the effect that Henson's absence had during the ACC Tournament:
"Selfishly, I missed him because that's two or three assists a game that are now gone. He affects the game in more ways than one - obviously with the double-doubles he puts up on a consistent basis, but more so the shots he alters on a consistent basis on the defensive end. That may not show up in the stats, but you can tell teams weren't so worried about attacking us on the inside when the defensive player of the year isn't sitting in there."

On his tweet pulling for N.C. State to get into the NCAA Tournament:
"I really wanted State to make the tournament. Obviously, it looks good for the ACC, the more teams that get in. But also, I feel like they're a very good team and I feel like they're going to be successful in the tournament. They've come a long way, and really played well. Like I told Alex [Johnson], the last call could have been either way, and I'm going to be happy that it worked out in my favor. But I'm excited to see how well they play in the tournament, as well as Florida State."

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