Miles: 'I Fell in Love'

Donnie Miles, a 5-foot-11, 200-pound athlete from Suwanee (Ga.) North Gwinnett, became the newest Tar Heel commitment this week. He went in-depth with about his decision ...

What happened to lead to the verbal commitment?

"I've been in contact with them for a while and they told me that they were going to offer me. They said they wanted me to see the campus and the offer would be mine. So when I went up there this weekend, I really liked the school and everything about it. I just fell in love and felt like it was the place for me."

After falling in love, what was the plan with regards to committing?

"A lot of my family is in Miami and I wanted to talk to them about it and they liked what they were hearing. I have a second family in Georgia that came with me, and they liked it when we were there. We said we were going to talk about it when we got home. We went over a list of things about every other school that I've been to. I went through the list of things, and I felt like Carolina had the best package for me."

What other schools did you visit besides North Carolina?

"Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama – there's a couple more I just can't remember."

Ultimately, what was it about UNC that sold you?

"One, it was the coaches, the players, the campus is beautiful – everything about that. The college town feel, the history – everything. I fell in love with everything. I felt it was the type of town I was looking for."

In particular, was there a coach that you really bonded with?

"Coach [Deke] Adams, Coach Marcus [Berry] – almost all of them really, that's why I fell in love with the place. Everywhere else, I bonded with just one coach. But at North Carolina, I bonded with Coach Adams, Coach Marcus, Coach [Dan] Disch, and Coach [Larry] Fedora. Coach Fedora, I really liked him – when he talked to me, it was more man-to-man stuff. They were all pretty honest with me."

Can you talk more about Adams' affect on your overall recruitment, since he was your area recruiter?

"Like I said, it was all the coaches, but he started it all. At first, it was over the phone type stuff. He was the one that really set it up to get up there. When I got to meet him in person, he was a really nice guy, overall. I felt like I had fun with him. When I seen him coaching, he was serious and having fun at the same time."

When did you actually make the decision to commit and how did you do it?

"I did it Sunday night at about 6:45. I called Coach Adams and he called Coach Fedora. I talked to both of them at the same time over the phone."

How did they react to the news?

"[Laughs] They went crazy. The phone was loud for a long time."

How does it feel to make the commitment?

"I feel great. Now I feel like I can focus on school and helping my team win a state championship and be a better leader."

When we talked after the visit, you mentioned that UNC could see you playing every position in the secondary. Have you gotten a better idea on the game plan?

"I think it would probably be safety. It's like this year my defensive coordinator told me I would be moved around to different positions on the defense in the secondary. Wherever I can fit in at, I'm fine with. It's like what Coach Fedora told me, ‘We'll play a freshman any time as long as the defense is better with you on the field.' Wherever I'm best on the field for the team, that's where I'll be. I'll probably start out at strong safety."

How firm is this commitment?

"I'm done with visits. The only visits I'll take is to Chapel Hill. I'm 100-percent a Tar Heel."

When should we expect to see you at UNC?

"I'll be at the spring game."

Do you plan on helping UNC recruit anyone, particularly in the state of Georgia?

"DeVondre Seymour and Alex Boyd – two of my teammates."

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