Marshall 'Day-to-Day' With Wrist Injury

ST. LOUIS --- North Carolina player Kendall Marshall listed himself as "day-to-day" on Thursday, though he has yet to practice since suffering the fractured wrist.

Head coach Roy Williams, however, is doubtful, noting: "I have a strong, strong inclination he is not going to play [on Friday]."

"I just know the kid tells me he can't brush his teeth yet. How the dickens can he play a basketball game if he can't brush his teeth?" Williams said Thursday. "I mean, he can go out there with bad breath, but you've still got to be able to play the dadgum game."

The sophomore point guard answered questions Thursday at the Edward Jones Dome, the site of Friday night's Sweet 16 game against Ohio.

"I had surgery on Monday; it went very well," Marshall said. "I got my cast off on Wednesday, which was great. I'm now in a brace. Every day it's been getting better and better. It's still a day-to-day basis if I'm going to play. If we were to jump ball right now, I would not be playing."

Marshall spoke to reporters while seating in a chair holding his right arm across his chest. When asked if he was in any pain, he smiled and responded: "Sitting like this, no."

Marshall has been wearing a temporary brace since having his cast removed.

"The brace that I'm playing in I think I have to get formed or fitted for it tonight, if I were to potentially play," he said.

Marshall's doctors told him that his wrist is "healing fine" and that the bone is strong and there's good blood flow. If he were to play, there is no risk of further damage.

"It basically goes with how I feel," Marshall said. "If I feel like I can go out there and compete, then great. But if not and I'm still in pain, then that's not what's best."

Marshall brought a big smile to his head coach's face during the open practice session following the media availability by picking up a basketball on the sideline at midcourt and dribbling several times with his left hand.

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