NBPA: J.R. Smith

RICHMOND,Va. -- Few players at the NBPA Top 100 Camp this week can put together highlight reels that rival J.R. Smith.

His team doesn't have the talent of some of the others here, but that hasn't stopped Smith from dunking, and dunking, and dunking.

Throw in a pretty accurate jumper and he's a perfect scoring guard in up-and-down summer ball.

"J.R. is slowly evolving from a guy who's strictly a standstill jump shooter to a player that can consistently beat defenders off the dribble," said recruiting analyst Rob Matera, of the All Star Report. "Where before he was a one or two dribble guy at best, it's clear that he has worked hard to improve that aspect of his game. He's a given in transition, being one of the best overall athletes in the country. He needs to use that athleticism more effectively on defense and on the glass to become a truly elite player."

And Smith is focusing 100 percent on his game right now, putting off his recruitment for another few weeks.

"I'm just not thinking about it right now," Smith said Thursday afternoon between games. "Our AAU team wasn't winning and I think it was because my mind was focused on something else."

For now, North Carolina is his top choice, with Connecticut in second and Pittsburgh positioned in third.

"I'm going to take visits to North Carolina, UConn and Pittsburgh – I just don't know when yet," he said. "North Carolina's my leader. They've got a great coach and great players – they're going to be good for a while.

The head coaches from both UConn and Pittsburgh have met with him at his school, while he last talked to UNC during his visit to the campus last month after the Tournament of Champions.

Smith had a chance to sit down with Roy Williams and assistant coach Steve Robinson.

"He said he'd never seen me play before," Smith said of Williams, "but he'd heard good things, so he's going to watch me at ABCD, Three Stripes and Las Vegas and see how I play and see if he really wants to recruit me hard."

Smith's eager to get a scholarship offer from the Tar Heels, but knows there's still some academic work needed to be done as well to make that happen.

"I haven't qualified yet," he said. "I've still got to get the SAT."

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