Around the Bases with Colin Moran

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Inside Carolina caught up with Colin Moran this week. The sophomore third baseman leads the squad with a .395 average with 24 runs batted in on the season.

Can you discuss how much work you have done on the defensive part of your game at third base?
"I have put a lot of work in defensively trying to make a dedication in the offseason to work on a lot defensively with my footwork and stuff. I think I have been doing alright."

How do you balance your practice repetitions at third during the season along with keeping your arm strong for every game?
"In practice you have to throw the ball hard obviously but you have to know your limits and when you can push it and when you can't. It is like anything else but you have to know your limits pretty much."

How have you worked on your footwork at third with Coach Jackson?
"I have worked on my footwork with Coach Gatz in the weight room and then on the field with Coach Jackson. I work with both of them. Coach Gatz does a great job with getting us ready for the season. With Coach Jackson it is more repetitions working at third base on the slow rollers and different drills specific to my footwork. Just a lot of reps really."

Can you discuss the decision by the team for when different players decide to use the high sock fashion and when they don't?
"I think a lot of people do game time decisions depending on the uniform and how their pants look. Nike pants fit a little different to different guys. It is a game time decision with a lot of people. Tommy Coyle is the type of guy who can do either one and I like to do either one. There is no one who specifically does it every game. But we kind of ask each other how it looks."

It looks at this point that you will be heading to the Cape to the Braves with Tommy Coyle and Shane Taylor. Can you discuss what it is like to join the Cape Cod League after a long college season?
"It was definitely a long season last year. The Cape was a lot of fun and at the same time you learn a ton so it was a huge learning experience more than anything. With the pitching up there you can realize how hard baseball is. You have to learn failure really up there and it can bring you down real bad or it can bring you up too. You just have to learn not to get too high or too low, that is the biggest thing you learn up there."

Can you discuss how much pressure you feel to plate runners in scoring position when you inherit the opportunity?
"I think you just have to learn to try your best not to put the pressure on yourself. Obviously sometimes you are going to press - it's just baseball after all but you have to do your best to guard against that. The most successful you are is when you are relaxed. You have to find any way or do something to relax and not think about something and try to relax at the plate and swing. It sounds easy."

Have you received an update on how your brother is doing in camp for the Mariners and where he expects to start off his season?
"He is out in Spring Training with the Mariners. I have not been able to talk with him too much where he is going to go. I don't think he finds out until the end of Spring Training. I know he is hoping to get to AAA. I think that is most likely where he is going to go but he could go to AA. He had a really good Fall Instructional League so hopefully they will bump him up to AAA then go from there."

What is your perspective on the ESPN3 coverage so far this seasonwith New Media and now the upcoming ESPNU national game for Monday against NC State?
"It is awesome. You saw it last year with the SEC getting on ESPNU a ton. It is awesome for the ACC, just the exposure, and I think it will help out everything. Hopefully it will keep growing and get better."

How much is this team looking forward to hosting NC State at the Bosh this weekend after being swept in Raleigh last season?
"We are trying not to think about last year too much but obviously it is in the back of our heads trying to maybe use it as a little bit of extra motivation. They have a really good club and we need to be ready for certain."

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