NCAA Sat.: UNC PC (w/audio)

ST. LOUIS -- Inside Carolina's Saturday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Stilman White, Harrison Barnes, Kendall Marshall, Reggie Bullock, John Henson and Tyler Zeller, who spoke to the media at the Edward Jones Arena as UNC prepares for Kansas on Sunday.

Roy Williams & UNC's Starting Five
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Opening comments:
"Reggie is getting stretched out. You saw in the game last night, he got his knee whacked a little bit. And so we're just doing some extra stretching on him. It's a MASH unit down in our locker room a little bit.

"We're ecstatic about being one of the final eight. We did feel like we survived last night. It wasn't an easy game by any means, and it wasn't the prettiest game by any means. But we're still playing and we're ecstatic, as I said, about that. We have got to play a big-time game tomorrow against a great Kansas team that has had a phenomenal year. And it's something that you dream about all the time of getting yourself in this position. And our kids have gotten us there, and these guys up here on the podium have done a fantastic job for us and have drug me along with them."

Coach Self was saying a little bit earlier that Drew Gooden has a similar injury to Kendall Marshall's and it took him a week to get back. How do you feel about Marshall's chances of playing tomorrow right now?
"Well, I think that I'm not sure you heard his answer properly because I think Drew missed seven games... Drew became a heck of a lot better player while he was hurt, because he sat up there and he listened to us coaches and saw what we have been trying to get him to do and then realized how stupid he had been. And I say that lovingly, but he did. It really helped him because he sat there.

"But I don't think it was just one week, and I may be wrong and Bob or somebody may have the media guide, but I know it was not just one week.

"Kendall today went through the dummy stuff. Today's the first day he's bounced a ball. So first day he's caught a ball. It's the first day that he's shot a ball. We kept him out of all the life stuff. Now we want to see if it bothers him or if it pains him or if it swells up or if his toes curls or whatever happens next. And then tomorrow at shoot-around, we'll try to probably do the same thing.

"And then there's two things that have to happen: one, he has to feel comfortable that he's not hurting. And then two, I have to decide, can he be effective in the game with his situation."

I think I'm remembering this correctly, but with Ty's toe a few years ago, he had a painkilling shot for the Duke game and you said after that, that's not something you would consider doing again with a player. Was that an option at any point for Kendall to deal with the pain in his wrist and would it be on the table or not be on the table because of your experience with Ty?
"It's an evolved question. They have not told me that that was an option. The thing that bothered me about that one is that the more I thought about it is that we were, and I was wrong, I said, Are we just masking the pain? Are we just hiding the pain kind of thing. And that really bothered me. I didn't think that I should be doing those kinds of things.

"They assured me later on that it wasn't masking anything that would allow him to hurt it even more later. And so I still don't feel good about it. I would still struggle with it. But since that time, also they have given me a shot one time to get through a game because of my back, and I lived and birdied the first hole of the year, so I guess I was all right."

How would you evaluate the way that Stilman is handling all the attention and the expectations with being a point guard at North Carolina?
"Well, it's been so fast, there haven't been much expectations except the stress that probably he puts on himself and feels the responsibility for being the point guard. I'm not sure that that young man feels any stress. I don't even know if he can spell it. He's -- I don't know. He's weird. He's a weird dude. But there's some kids' minds that I would like to get into to figure out what they think. That's one mind that I'm going stay away from.

"And I say that in a caring way. But I mean he's a neat kid. That's what it is. You think about it, there's a lot of stress, there's a lot of this, there's a lot of that. But college athletics, I love. I've been very fortunate, I've had 11 different NBA teams talk to me about their head coaching position over the years. I don't think I could have that relationship with those guys that I have with these guys right here. So I'm one of the world's fortunates."

Bill Self said that he would be open to a Kansas/North Carolina home and home series. Would you be open to it?

Additional Barnes Audio
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What to you consider a good game for you and what do you consider a bad game?
"I judge my good and bad games by wins and losses. I just try to do whatever I can do to win a game. That's what I'm defined by. Individual stats, obviously, if I'm not putting up 30 and 10, there's probably going to be some criticism, but you just have to go out there and just play to win and you realize as long as my team wins, everything is going to be alright."

Everybody except for Stilman White had two turnovers last night. Did the team try to do too much for him?"
"Yeah, we definitely tried to pick up the slack a little bit, tried to make some plays, but I think we have that confidence now that… he can go out there, he can make plays. Obviously, we're not asking him to go out there and be Kendall, but just be yourself and just play."

Additional White Audio
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Do you think there is anything else you can do to help the offense, which looked bogged down at times last night?
"I think, tomorrow, we need to knock down some perimeter shots to get some relief for the big guys inside and we weren't doing that yesterday, so Ohio kind of packed it in and they did a good job swiping at the ball. They were just ‘ball-hawking' really well, but we have really good shooters on this team and I'm pretty confident we'll knock them down tomorrow."

Did you expect Ohio to pressure you more?
"I mean not really. You don't really know what to expect. We watched them on tape and they played pretty good on-ball defense and they did do that, but pressure as a point guard, that's something you kind of half to welcome, because if you beat it, then it opens up things and so that's something I try to welcome – if they pressure me."

Additional Zeller Audio
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Is it frustrating when referees allow physical play and do not call a lot of fouls in the post?
"Yes and no. First of all, you got to be able to play with what the refs are calling… you can't let it frustrate you too much. Obviously I would've loved to have those calls, but it was just the way they were calling it that night, so you can't get frustrated by it to much. You just got to make the necessary adjustments and keep playing."

How unique is the frontcourt of Kansas?
"Very unique. Usually you got one great player, but they got two great players so it will be very interesting. You can't focus on one of them. You go to make sure you're aware of both of them. Overall the Kansas team is great, so it will be interesting to see how we match up."

Additional Henson Audio
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What kind of challenge does the frontline of Kansas present?"
"It's a big challenge. I think their frontline is probably one of the most physical frontlines in the country and with Robinson and Withey it's going to be tough for me and ‘Z' and we also want to make it tough for them as well."
How big of a deal is Kansas having the "home-court" advantage?
"I would say no big deal, but it is going to be a different kind of crowd. A tournament crowd is always different than a home or away crowd. I'd much rather be playing them here than at Phog Allen, so that's something that is good for us."

Additional Bullock Audio
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Was last night the biggest game of your career?
"Yeah. Definitely. Just making big shots coming down the stretch. I always dreamed about making those type of shots and just to see those shots go in, it's definitely a confidence booster for me to be able to keep shooting the rock."

Did you think it was necessary for you to hit shots last night considering Harrison was struggling and Kendall was not playing?
"Yeah. Definitely. My teammates know how well I can shoot the ball, it's just all about me pulling the trigger and they want me to keep my confidence high. It I'm having an off-shooting night, it's got to be some other things that I bring towards the game if it's on the defensive end of the floor or rebounding the ball and just making assists, pushing the ball in transition, keeping my teammates motor high, just being an energy player on the floor that my team needs. I'm just trying to bring anything to the court that I can bring every night. My teammates believe in me to shoot the ball so it's just all about my just shooting the ball."

Kendall Marshall
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How is the wrist feeling?
"It's doing good. Obviously, there's pain. There's going to be pain probably for the next month and a half, but it's just a matter of if I feel like I can help my team… It is sore. It hurts, but I just want to be out there. I didn't do any full contact drills. It's tough to catch and tough to pass. I really want to be able to pass, but shooting the ball felt great – not using my off hand, really concentrating on form, that felt good. We'll see how it feels tomorrow."

How is the brace?
"The brace is great. It really keeps my wrist stable and gives me just enough movement to where it's not hurting, so the brace has definitely helped out."

How much motion do you have in your wrist right now?
"Exactly 20 percent [range of motion] actually. That's good. I think that's very good. It gives me a little bit of room to hopefully still be able to help my team."

Would you play if the game was today?
"What I'm saying is I wouldn't play right now, but, like I said, thinks can change in 24 hours. We'll make a decision after shoot-around tomorrow and figure it out."

How are your spirits right now?
"My spirits are great other than last night during the game just being stressed out. I'm just trying to help my team out emotionally as much as I can. I've really been able to step back and appreciate the team concept. They're not leaning on me. Right now, I'm leaning on them and I think it's great. I'm just enjoying the ride and living in the moment."

How tough was it trying to play the role of a coach last night?
"It's tough. I don't see how they do that 38 games a year. I can understand why they take those long vacations at the end of the year, but it's hard not being able to physically go out there and do what you see or help, but it's part of the game. I think we dealt with it well. We still found a way to win. I did a lot of yelling. Whether or not they were listening to me, I have no idea, but I still gave my two cents… and I think they adjusted to the circumstances well."

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