Inside Carolina's Top 10 performers this week in Richmond ..."> Inside Carolina's Top 10 performers this week in Richmond ...">

NBPA: Top 10 Performers

RICHMOND, Va. -- While it's nearly impossible to get solid "evaluation time" with every kid here, there are certain prospects at the NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp that are starting to stand out and distance themselves from the rest. Here's <i>Inside Carolina</i>'s Top 10 performers this week in Richmond ...

1. Dwight Howard 6-11 PF-C -- Close call here as it could have gone either way between Howard and Livingston. Howard has easily been the best big man of the bunch this week. He cleared over 12 feet when they measured his leaping ability against a chart and he's dominated every big man that he's faced. This is one of the best performances by Howard that we've seen to date. And he just keeps getting better.

2. Shaun Livingston 6-7 PG -- This kid is straight nasty. He has absolutely no trouble handling the ball and shaking defenders off the bounce. He has such clever instincts with the ball and his passes are so entertaining to watch. He's on another level than all of the guards here this week and he and Daniel Gibson going after one another was something I'm glad I got to watch. So long and acrobatic on he drive that he's almost impossible to guard.

3. Glen Davis 6-8 C -- This 335-pound tank has fared quite well this week. He went head to head last night against Lamarcus Aldridge and held his own. He is nearly unstoppable when he gets the ball 8 feet and in. Great rebounder. He spins right, he spins left, he spins with his dribble and he spins to get position. The kid is always spinning. And he's always eating up space and rebounds. We think Davis could wind up in the top 5-7 players in the nation when it's all said and done.

4. Malik Hairston 6-6 WF-SG -- Just about everyone is buzzing about Hairston's performance this week. The kid from Michigan is just so solid. He's got good size, he shoots it well and he can take it right to the rack. He's athletic enough to finish and strong enough to absorb contact and keep his composure. He's been quite successful scoring the ball this week. We're a big fan.

5. Daniel Gibson 6-3 PG -- Gibson is an awesome scorer. He has the quick isolation moves to take it to the hoop, while retaining an accurate stroke from the arc. We didn't keep count, but he had to have stuck about four three-balls in Livingston's eye last night and he looked good running his team despite the pressure defense from the long-limbed Peoria guard. Gibson's range and quick release make him one of the best pointmen in the land.

6. Mike Williams 6-8 PF -- Fundamentally sound with an excellent mid-range game. Williams has been one of the more consistent performers this week in scoring, rebounding and post defense. He's not flashy but very sound. We love the fact that his game is so versatile. And his mid range game has been off the hook. Did we mention his mid-range game? Texas got a solid four year forward in Mike Williams.

7. Marquie Cooke 6-3 PG -- Cooke hasn't been the flashiest guy this week but he's stuck to his bread and butter, which is bulling over defenders, making the pass, taking the ball to the hole and sticking the 13-17 footers when he's open. He doesn't look like the quickest guard here, but as of now, no one has been able to prevent him from getting in the lane when he wants to.

8. J.R. Smith 6-5 WF-SG -- The best athlete here. Smith has easily been the most electrifying dunker this week. He looks better off the dribble and he's stepped up his half court game a bit as well. He doesn't get a lot of assists, but it's offensive aggressiveness that turns heads at a tournament like this. Smith could be one of the top 15 players in this class if he continues to perform like he has here this week.

9. James Gist 6-10 PF -- Yeah, the kid needs work in the half court game. His offensive skills with his back to the basket need improvement, but WOW! We just love the way he goes after those offensive rebounds. He's a jet in the open floor and he goes right to the basket when his teammates launch the shots. He's so long, bouncy, quick off the floor and if he's anywhere near the basket -- the rebound is his. He's had some of the most powerful dunks this week as well.

10. Marquise Gray -- 6-7 PF -- We didn't see much of him, but between the rest of the three analysts who added their thoughts -- they all raved about his play. He did a lot of good work on the boards, he played aggressively and he attacked the rim. He's a warrior on the boards and the kid loves running the floor.

Honorable Mention

7-1 C Robert Swift -- Great passer, good post defender and pretty mobile as well.

6-2 PG Jordan Farmar -- Just arrived yesterday and he's already playing so well.

6-9 C Al Jefferson -- Left yesterday with a bad ankle, but scored well and got his share of boards.

6-9 PF Mohammed Tangara -- Usual Tangara: strong, aggressive and hunting blocks and boards.

6-4 PG Aaron Afflalo -- Good west coast point guard. Big, strong, athletic and good ball-handler.

6-6 WF Tommie Liddell -- Every we saw him he was scoring, grabbing rebounds or finishing on the break.

6-1 PG Drew Neitzel -- Nasty handle. Pure point. Makes good decisions and he's quick.

6-8 PF D.J. White -- Hasn't finished well, but he's too good to exclude.

6-7 PF-WF Tasmin Mitchell -- We like him better as a PF, but he's trying to evolve into a WF.

*Thanks to Rob Harrington of Prep Stars, Tim Watts of Rivals Hoops and Rob Matera of All Star Sports for contributing to this report.

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