Commitment Q&A: Ryan Switzer

Days after returning from his visit to Chapel Hill, Ryan Switzer decided to join Larry Fedora's Tar Heels. The Charleston (W.Va.) George Washington athlete discussed his decision in-depth with ...

Why'd you decide on UNC?

"You get that gut feeling on a place and I had it. I felt real comfortable with everything – what the coaches were doing and what they stood for. So I went ahead and pulled the trigger."

You were considered a strong Penn State lean. How did UNC sway you?

"I'm not going to lie, I was leaning towards Penn State.

"I got to be around the [UNC coaches] for the whole day. I got to spend some time, one-on-one, with Coach [Larry] Fedora and listen to him and what he had to say. I really bought into it.

"I went home – I didn't make [a decision] off adrenaline. I slept on it for a couple of days – Saturday, Sunday, Monday and then Tuesday night I went ahead and did it."

Why now?

"I feel like I'm ready. I've been going through this process for a while now – since my sophomore year. I've seen about everywhere I've wanted to go. And now I can focus on my school, helping my school win a state championship, and enjoying being 17 [years old]."

When did you actually make the decision?

"Tuesday night I decided."

How did you inform the UNC coaching staff?

"My parents were talking to Coach Fedora, I had got home from an evening out with a former West Virginia player Bruce Irvin and his girlfriend, who's friends with my sister, and I was ready to do it. I got on the phone with Coach Fedora and I told him."

What was Coach Fedora's reaction?

"I put him on speaker because he started yelling. He was pretty excited. That was good to see out of him."

What role did Friday's visit play in your decision?

"It was big, because I wanted to give them a fair shot. It was my first time – other than when I was little – being down there and seeing the campus and everything. They had just did new renovations on the new academics and athletics facilities, so I wanted to see those. The visit was huge."

Summarize what your visit to UNC included.

"I was on campus from 9 until 11:30ish – it was a long day. I got to tour the campus. I got to meet with a professor who's in the field that I want to go in which is exercise and spots science. I got to meet every coach. I got to watch film with Coach [Blake] Anderson, the offensive coordinator. I got to talk with Coach Fedora. I ate dinner with the players. I saw practice. I hung out with [Bryn Renner] and Giovani Bernard]. It was a fun day."

What role did UNC's academics, particularly your desired major, play in your decision?

"The overall education you're going to get at Chapel Hill is top of the line. My major is there. Strength and conditioning, they have a great program for that."

Was there a particular coach you really spent a lot of time with during the visit?

"I spent a lot of time with [Lou Hernandez]. I spent equal amount of time with Coach [Gunter] Brewer, the wideout coach, and Coach Anderson. After dinner, I spent about two hours with Coach Fedora."

Was there a particular coach that really helped UNC's chances with you?

"Coach Fedora. We hit everything when we talked. We hit academics, we hit football, we hit things to do, we hit family topics, spiritual topics. I only spent a day with him, but he's a great guy and someone that I want to play for."

How does UNC plan on using you within its offense?

"They're recruiting me for the A-back. I'm the only guy that they're recruiting for that position. The A-back has led their team in all-purpose yards in each year.

"I'll come out of the backfield and carry it and on zone-read plays. They'll line me out wide and in the slot. And I'll help in the return game, as well."

How firm is this decision? Are you going to visit any other schools?

"No sir. I'm done."

When's the next time you'll visit UNC?

"I wanted to come for the spring game, but I have to take the ACT that day. So I don't know, but we'll work something out to come back soon."

What is it like to be basically a "YouTube celebrity" with your impressive highlight film?

"It's pretty cool. I grew up watching Tavon Austin's and Noel Divine's highlights – both of those guys when to West Virginia. It's pretty cool. My name is out there. It's something that I worked for."

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