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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora spoke to reporters following the team's rained-out scrimmage and autograph session at Mallard Creek High School on Thursday.

Larry Fedora
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You were fired up for this. I assume there is some disappointment in this not working out?
"Yeah, I'm disappointed. I don't know if the players are disappointed, but the coaches, we never like to miss a single rep. We were excited about getting up here. And I think the kids were excited, also, about getting in front of some fans and showing what they've learned to this point. So it is disappointing, but it's something you can't control. One thing about the game of football is that you've got to be able to adjust."

Is this something that you're going to continue to do?
"Yes, I think so. I think we'll probably do more than one site. We'll probably do a couple of sites in the future, so this kind of gives us a start."

Any idea when you will reschedule this practice?
"Well, what we'll do is most likely – I'm not going to put it in stone yet – but probably the Monday after the spring game, probably we'll come back and get another practice in."

Can you talk about the type of quarterback Marquise Williams is?
"The spread is something he's comfortable with. Now, learning the terminology and how we do things may be a little bit different, but natural ability and the things you see from him as far as his movement and extending plays and finding open receivers once he extends them, he does a really nice job with that."

It seems as though you had really good fan support out here considering the weather.
"Yeah, it's really a shame that we didn't get to get out there for everybody that's here. But I think they enjoyed getting to go in and spend some time with the players and get a few autographs, so hopefully we made the best of it."

Why Mallard Creek?
"It's a pretty good area. They've got nice facilities here; that was big. Football is important here at Mallard Creek and so we wanted to get to a school where football was important and fans could get to. We had to pick somewhere, so we picked this and we'll see what we do in the future."

There's not a lot of Charlotte kids on the roster. How important is recruiting down in this area for you?
"We've got to do a great job in Charlotte. There's a lot of good football players in the Charlotte area, so we've made this a point of emphasis that we've got to do a much better job in this area. We've got a lot of fan support in this area, so it just makes sense that the players in this area ought to stay at the University of North Carolina."

What did you want to accomplish with this scrimmage?
"It just depends on what you're looking for. For us, we wanted to get 150 plays in here tonight and we didn't get to do that. The weather didn't permit that. That's one thing you're trying to achieve and so you're still evaluating players. It's a road game for them, if you think about it. They're getting on a bus and they're going on the road and they're putting their pads on and having to practice, so it gets them into a game mode mentality. And then it gives your fans an opportunity to see really where they are in that area, because we're practicing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. A lot of [our fans] work and don't have an opportunity to come see a practice, so this would have been the first time they would have had that opportunity. In the past, it has been successful."

What has made you most excited about the team thus far?
"Probably their attitudes. The kids have bought in. There's no reluctance to what we're doing. You can look at a lot of different schools around the country and in transition, and you see a lot of problems. You see a lot of kids leaving, a lot of kids going elsewhere. Fortunately for us, at this point, we haven't had that problem. Kids have bought in to what we're doing. They're excited about it. I think they're glad to have some stability in the program and they haven't had that in the last couple of years."

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