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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- North Carolina's Marquise Williams, Kevin Reddick, Norkeithus Otis, Tre Boston and Jhay Boyd spoke to reporters following the team's rained-out scrimmage at Mallard Creek High School on Thursday.

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How are you adapting to this offense?
"I'm adapting very well because this is something I did back in high school. I ran the spread offense. I'd get the signal and I'd go with the play. I feel really comfortable with this offense and I've adapted real quick with it."

How similar is this offense to what you ran in high school?
"It's very similar because we get signals from the sidelines and we go with the play."

How difficult has it been to adjust to the tempo?
"You've just got to stay in shape. That's where the workouts and all of the hard work pays off. You keep grinding in the morning times at 6am while everybody else is sleeping… That pays off when it's time to play ball."

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How is the secondary progressing?
"I just want to talk about No. 4, Jabari Price. That dude has grown up. I don't know what has gotten into him, but he's grown up from a little boy to a man. He's still got work to do, but as far as me playing with him for the past two years, I've seen a total difference. I think he'll be great this year, but he's just got to keep working at it and stay humble."

How are you feeling?
"I feel good, man. Just ready to get back out there. I guess we're going to practice Monday, so I'll be back out there Monday. I feel great."

So was it a mild concussion?
"Yes, it was."

When did it happen?
"Friday in practice. Just a minor thing, doing little drills. But I've been fine all week. Just [precautionary]. Should be ready to go on Monday."

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If you were a recruit, what would it mean to you for a school to hold a scrimmage near your hometown?
"Yeah, I would be thinking, ‘If they came all of the way down here, that's the school for me.' But that's just me."

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So Charlotte traffic makes you late and then you get rained out.
"Then we get rained out. I'm kind of sad. We wanted to show the fans what we had so far, but we're happy we're here. It was a good turnout. We're signing autographs and just happy to meet and greet them. But I'm definitely sad that we weren't able to show them what we've got so far, but I'm happy that they came out to support us."

What do you think about this idea?
"I love the idea. It's a way of spreading us around and showing our alumni that we care about them if they can come to Charlotte, because Charlotte is such a big area where alumni, recruits and fans come from. So going to them instead of them coming to us is convenient to them and it shows them that we care about them, and it's not just them caring about us."

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On the transition from the pro-style to the spread:
"The transition has been a little bit easier than I thought it would be. Pro-style was a lot of motions and shifts, but this offense is all about learning the signals. And then the tempo. You've just got to be constantly in shape and constantly be running. But the tempo is great and the signals are not as hard as I thought they were and then it's a wide-open spread offense. Anybody can make a big play. You can't really key in one guy. Key in on one guy and somebody else is going to be open. The [pro-style] is basically two receivers and then we're bringing a third receiver on third down. But now it's constantly three wide and four wide, and we might even bring in five wide."

How much would this type of event meant to you in high school?
"Oh, if they would have had this in high school, I would have definitely committed really soon because you don't see anybody else doing anything like this. I think Coach Fedora is creating a trend. I think you might see N.C. State or Duke or even ECU might try to do something like this. I really liked it and a lot of people back home really appreciated what he's doing,"

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