Around the Bases with Cody Stubbs

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Inside Carolina caught up with UNC slugger Cody Stubbs this week. The junior college transfer is leading the team in home runs (4) an doubles (14).

You've been a first baseman here, but also are now seeing some time in left field. What's your comfort level in the outfield?
"I'm personally fine with it. I played it all last year at my junior college. I love it out there. It is comfortable."

You have shown some tremendous power. Can you talk about the shot you hit this week against Asheville?
"I just told myself 'if he throws you a fastball keep the bat head out and pull the ball like you know how to do.' Luckily I dropped the bat head on it and that is what happened. Today it was a fastball low in and I felt like it was gone but with these new bats and the wind blowing in from right field you can never really be sure."

What has it been like adjusting to the talent level of pitching in the ACC?
"It is a grind absolutely. You might go out one day and tear the cover off the ball and then come out the next and wonder what happened. You have to keep consistency and stay confident and high on yourself and not think you are falling into something when you are not. There are some great pitchers in this league."

What is it like to play next to Chaz Frank in center field defensively?
"He is fast. It is fun watching him out there. You cannot hear what he saying when you are at first base. It is funny listening to him out there just chirping around. I love watching Chaz play the outfield."

Can you discuss R.C. Orlan's performance this year out of the bullpen?
"Obviously he has been unbelievable all year. Probably our best lefty out of the pen. He has great confidence and he is one of those pitchers that you love every time he steps on the mound."

What has it been like watching Adam Griffin and Matt Roberts rounding into form coming off injuries?
"It is great. They are both great guys and Adam Griffin has a bright future and Matt is great behind the plate. It is great that they both are healthy and good to go."

Can you give your perspective on Jacob Stallings's leadership on the team?
"He is definitely one of the biggest leaders on the team. If you are down he will pick you up and if you are doing something wrong he will get on you. He keeps us all in check and he says that if he is ever out of line than to get on him. It is a give and take."

Can you compare and contrast the pitching you faced last year in junior college and now in the ACC?
"Well I guess the biggest difference in junior college and the ACC is that in the ACC every day you face that good pitcher and then one out of the bullpen. In junior college you do face some good arms but nothing as consistent as this. It just depends on who is out there on the mound and what they have."

How difficult is it to get ready for mid-week games while balancing out your school work during the stretch run?
"I have always tried to keep a positive attitude about mid-week games because they are just as big as any weekend games. Every team that comes in here wants to beat us as bad as they can. You cannot think like that or you will find yourself in trouble and very mad at the end of the year."

... How do you balance your time and stay ahead of your school work?
"Luckily for instance at Miami we did not play until 7 p.m. so I did school work during the day. It is just as much of a grind as baseball as this school is very difficult academically obviously. You have to stay on top of it and you have to work with your professors and hopefully they will work with you. Luckily a lot of the professors here are great people and they will do that. So it is just a grind like everything else."

Can you discuss the team's confidence when Michael Morin takes the mound?
"It is just like R.C. Orlan - when he steps on the mound it is 'alright either we are going to make a play for him or he will take care of it on his own.' He is that special of a pitcher. He competes every time he goes out there. Just like he did in Miami. That was just unbelievable but was unfortunate how it turned out. He is great. That is just the best way to put it."

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