UNC Offers Dual Sport Star

Although he has eluded the media spotlight up until this point, Sam Craft hasn't escaped the scouting departments of several schools, including North Carolina.

"I got the offer from North Carolina a couple weeks ago," Craft said. "My football coach told me to give them a call and I talked to Coach [Walt Bell]. He told me I'm the type of athlete that they want at their school and their program. He told me they want me to come play football there on a full-time scholarship."

Specifying the sport is important since Craft excels at both basketball and football at Memphis (Tenn.) Craigmont; so much so that the 5-foot-10, 190-pound athlete has collected scholarship offers for both sports. Cincinnati, Memphis, Mississippi State, and UNC have offered him for football, while Auburn, Cincinnati, Memphis, and Tennessee have offered for basketball.

Craft hasn't decided if he's going to play both sports in college or focus on just one.

"Playing both sports is something I would definitely like to do," Craft said. "But it might be better to play one sport.

"I talked to Cincinnati about playing both sports, I've talked to North Carolina about playing both sports, and Memphis also. North Carolina said they'll ask Coach Roy [Williams] about me to see if he's heard about me. They said they are trying to work it out to see about me playing both sports."

If faced with the decision, Craft doesn't have a sport preference.

"I've grown to love both sports so much," Craft said. "I can't say which one I like the most."

The uncertainty continues when Craft dives deeper in football. He has started at quarterback in a balanced spread offense since his sophomore season, but most schools are recruiting him as an athlete.

Specifically, UNC has told Craft he could play anywhere from quarterback to wide receiver to cornerback.

"My ninth grade year, I started at cornerback for my high school," Craft said. "So I've played corner and a little slot receiver, too."

Craft admits that his knowledge of UNC – particularly its football program – is limited, at best.

"I know they have a basketball program that's real strong," Craft said. "I've seen their football team play and I know they have a new coaching staff with a new offense. They're definitely on my list. I'm going to take a visit down there to see how everything goes."

Craft, who hasn't made any recruiting visits yet, hopes to visit all four of the schools that have offered him a football scholarship by the end of the summer.

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