ACC Expansion

Raleigh N&O--ACC's new direction

Raleigh N&O--ACC a changed conference

Raleigh N&O--Big price paid to get Canes

Raleigh N&O--Exits may become difficult

Raleigh N&O--Swofford on expansion

Raleigh N&O--Exit policies

Charlotte Observer--ACC asks Miami, Va. Tech--for now

Charlotte Observer--ACC score: 2 invitations, 1 huge mess

Charlotte Observer--Is ACC paving way for Notre Dame?

Charlotte Observer--Will bigger ACC be better?

Charlotte Observer--Miami to meet Thursday to discuss invitation

Greensboro N-R--Miami, Va. Tech suit ACC

Greensboro N-R--Who said expansion was fair?

Durham H-S--ACC invites 2 from Big East

Durham H-S--Swofford can take a breath--for now

Durham H-S--OK, who let the Hokies in?

Durham H-S--If ACC gets 11 schools, is one more on the way?

Winston-Salem Journal--AC-SURREAL: Money power rise to top

Miami Herald--ACC: Invitation now in UM's hands

Miami Herald--Virgina Tech ready to join ACC

Richmond T-D--Tech wants to join ACC--withdraws from lawsuit

Richmond T-D--Money not problem for Tech Obligations will be met

Richmond T-D--Let's add "20 questions" to ACC's fun and games

Richmond T-D--Now comes the hard part for Hokies

Richmond T-D--Suit continues, though roles in case change Hearing is scheduled for today

Richmond T-D--League may not stop at 11 BC or Notre Dame the 12th?

Syracuse P-S (AP)--ACC invites Miami, Virginia Tech to join

Boston Globe--Big East to Big Least overnight




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