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HAMPTON, Va. --- Troy Williams is closing in on the end of his recruitment. The 2013 wing forward talked at EYBL Hampton about the coming decision and the development of his game.

A near double-double to start off the weekend tonight, how did you think you played?

"I feel like I could have played better. The dunks, everyone knows I can do that - I've just got to prove that I can shoot."

What do you look to accomplish on a weekend like this?

"I'd like to get my teammates more involved - get more assists and more rebounds so my team can win."

What aspects of your game do you feel best about and what areas do you think you most need to work on?

"What I feel best about is rebounding, high motor, getting to the basket. The thing I work on is defense most of all, and hitting more shots, even under pressure."

You talked about proving you can hit the jumpshot. What is it that you think is wrong with your shot right now?

"I feel like I'm fading back on it so I need to get my shoulders more into it."

Is that the most important part of your game to work on before college?

"Hitting more shots - getting the mid-range to go, getting three-pointers to go, and shooting off the dribble."

How do you feel like your game is improved this year compared to last year on the EYBL circuit?

"I'm more athletic, a better ball handler ... I'm getting more of the 50-50 balls, the hustle plays."

Have you already made your decision and are waiting to announce it or are you still just weighing things out?

"I'm still weighing things out, even through this weekend. I probably won't pick until next week."

Why are you setting a timetable to do it now when you don't yet know your decision?

"Basically it'll get some of the stress off of me and then once I make that pick I can just spend the summer getting ready for the college level."

How stressful is the recruiting process?

"Very hectic - phone calls, letters every day, you've got to always talk to them. And you need to handle it like a business ... narrowing it down until you make your commitment."

How did you get down to the two you're at now - UNC and Kentucky?

"Basically how much the coaches called and wanted me - and what they told me I was good at and what I could get better at. And also how I got along with the players on the team, if I liked the campus, the academics and more."

What is going to happen between now and when you make your decision that is going to finalize your pick for you?

"I'm not sure - I'm not really sure yet."

How do you think you would fit in Carolina's up-tempo system?

"My uncle tells me that I've got a high motor - for both colleges I can keep up with the pace. They like to get up and down and I can do that. Me and Coach Roy are real cool and we'll understand each other..."

Have you talked to both coaching staffs this week?

"Yes, and so has my uncle."

Which coaches did you talk to?

"I talked to Coach Orlando and Coach Robinson from Carolina."

With your decision coming soon, what did they tell you?

"Still just getting better, how I can fit in, and how I'm a big priority for the team."

Can you talk about the role your uncle, Boo, has played in your recruitment?

"A big role - big role. He's the guy that can give me the inside scoop on things. He's been around it a long time so he can help me a whole lot. He's a real wise man and has been around it all his life so I know he knows what he's talking about."

What does he talk to the college coaches about?

"I couldn't answer that - I don't even know. Most of the time he talks to them when I'm not around. ... He just sees if they're still interested, how they've talked with me, when the next time they're coming down ..."

Does he give you advice about the process?

"All the time. Every day he tells me no matter what I'm doing, people always have their eye on me so I need to be a leader on and off the court."

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