Inside Carolina sat down with the Tar Heels target face-to-face Thursday at the USA Basketball Youth Development Festival."> Inside Carolina sat down with the Tar Heels target face-to-face Thursday at the USA Basketball Youth Development Festival.">

USA: Marvin Williams

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- What does Marvin Williams think of the barrage of phone calls at his home every night? "I hate it when they call my house – I hate that so much," he said. "It doesn't bother me when it's face-to-face, though." So, <I>Inside Carolina</I> sat down with the Tar Heels target face-to-face Thursday at the USA Basketball Youth Development Festival.

While there are hassles such as the phone calls, Williams keeps things in perspective.

"Sometimes it gets tiring, but I'm grateful – I'm very blessed," he admitted.

It's not that bad being one of the top basketball players in the country.

And he looked every bit that good in the opening practice session Thursday afternoon. Don't be fooled by his lack of facial expressions and otherwise emotionless demeanor. His game speaks for itself.

The vicious dunks, accurate jumper, skilled post-up game, adept rebounding and shotblocking with both hands equals an elite talent.

"We were just watching a guy in practice, but having not seen him since last summer, I think Marvin looked like the same guy but a little more skilled," said recruiting analyst Dave Telep. "He's versatile: blocked shots, his jumper – especially from mid-range – looked really good. Marvin Williams is probably one of the best five kids here and at a camp like this that's saying something."

When the time comes for the professional ranks, he'll play on the wing, but in college this 6-8, 215-pounder is going to be a power forward ala Drew Gooden. And he's going to play at one of three schools.

Arizona is often thought of as the team in third place, but it's difficult to completely count them out until they're no longer on his list.

"They've got great people – I'd say they had the best people of all the trips," Williams said of his official visit to Tucson. "Great coach, great players."

Washington is the local option, a place he's quite familiar with, as evidenced by his official visit to the Huskies.

"It was different," he explained in a ho-hum manner. "I was hanging out with my friends who play over there, so it wasn't like I was doing anything new."

And then there's North Carolina. There were mixed reports from Chapel Hill sources on his visit to UNC earlier this month – and some of that likely has to do with his general impassiveness.

"I played with the players, hung out with them, met a few people," Williams said succinctly about the visit.

When pressed for more details, he opened up some, highlighting the time he spent with the Carolina players and alumni.

"That was nice to meet all those guys. I really got along with all of them – they're great guys," he said, mentioning the likes of Charlie Scott, Phil Ford and Brendan Haywood.

And His Airness was in town as well.

"Yeah, I said ‘Hi' to him and my dad talked to him," he said.

Williams was accompanied by his father, who has strong ties to the state of North Carolina.

"I think my dad had a better time than I did because his idol is Phil Ford and he hung out with him all the time," he said. "So I thought it was nice to see my dad having fun – but it was nice for me, too."

But at times, Williams admitted, the fatherly influence can be difficult to deal with.

"It's terrible, I'm not going to lie," he said. "It's terrible because I know he loves me and wants me to make the right decision, but he thinks Carolina is the spot and that's it, but I'm the one who's got to lay my head there every night. It gets frustrating because I'm always going back and forth with him."

His other parent is not getting involved in the decision-making process.

"My mother doesn't care – not one bit," Williams said. "She just wants me to come home every once and a while."

Williams will aim to continue his impressive play here in Colorado Springs, before attending the adidas ABCD Camp and then several events out West. Once those wrap up in August before school starts, it'll be decision time.

"I've just got to sit and think about what's best for me," he said. "Weigh the pros and cons of each school and figure it out from there."


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