Signee Update: Dan Mastromatteo

North Carolina signee Dan Mastromatteo made a name for himself at Absecon (N.J.) Holy Spirit coming off the edge. At UNC, though, the 6-foot-1, 225-pound linebacker will likely play inside.

"A lot of my junior year I played a lot inside, so I feel comfortable at all three [linebacker] spots," Mastromatteo said. "Sometimes, I almost feel more comfortable inside."

It has yet to be determined if Mastromatteo will be red-shirted or not this coming season.

"They said I'm going to come down there this summer and depending on how I do will determine when I'll play," Mastromatteo said.

Since his football season ended, Mastromatteo has trained at a local gym with former teammates in preparation for his UNC career.

"We're pretty much doing all the same lifts that they have in the UNC workout plan," Mastromatteo said. "But I've been doing the running that UNC gave me on my own.

"I feel a lot faster, a lot lighter on my feet. I feel a lot better in shape. That's what I've been focusing on – the conditioning part. I want to be able to transfer into that form of football at the next level – especially how UNC's offense is. It's fast paced, so you're going to be on the field a lot on defense. So you have to be conditioned right."

Through his workouts, Mastromatteo has maintained his senior season playing weight of 225 pounds.

"[The UNC coaches] said that's perfect right now," Mastromatteo said. "They said just stay in good shape and keep the conditioning up. That's all they want me to focus on."

Once every two weeks, Mastromatteo speaks with Dave Duggan, UNC's linebackers coach.

"We'll talk and catch up," Mastromatteo said. "He'll ask me how my family is doing, how I'm doing with my lifting and my grades – it's just a touch base type thing."

Mastromatteo has also had a couple conversations with Vic Koenning with the topics duplicating his conversations with Duggan.

Mastromatteo hasn't broached the topic of jersey numbers with UNC.

"I wanted to get No. 49, my high school number, again," Mastromatteo said. "I looked at the roster and I saw that someone had it. I'm going to try to get No. 47 if that's possible. I like 40 numbers and I like how 47 looks."

When he arrives in June for the second summer semester, Mastromatteo, who is academically qualified according to the NCAA Clearinghouse, will be rooming with fellow linebacker Phillip Williamson.

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