USA: JamesOn Curry

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It was unquestionably a tough week at the USA Basketball Youth Development Festival for JamesOn Curry.

Final Stats (5 games) -- 6.2 points, 39% fg (12-31), 13% 3pt (1-8), 67% ft (4-6), 3.2 assists in 13.8 minutes per game.

Evaluations from the experts …

"The strongest part of JamesOn Curry's game is his perimeter shooting – in a situation like this he's got to play to his strengths. I would have thought he would have gotten off more than eight shots in the course of the week. I think JamesOn walks away from this week understanding that continuing to improve is going to have to be a process. The strength of the South's team was their frontline, and that's where most of the scoring came from for that team. All the offense ran through their big man. This wasn't a situation where JamesOn could be the primary scorer. Still, I was a little surprised to see he didn't get up that many three-point shoots. JamesOn Curry in a situation like this people look at him and his size and assume he's a point guard, but JamesOn's strength comes as a shooting guard. To do that he needs to make shots, not give shots. It seems like everyone always wants to cast him in the role of point guard and that would be miscasting him." – Dave Telep,

"It really is hard to get an evaluation on him because he played so little. There's really no explanation for why he wasn't out there, because when he was out there he was making plays happen and finding teammates. He wasn't really creating shots or looking to score at all, I just don't think he ever had a chance to get a rhythm out there and I'd be really curious to know why he didn't play. You didn't see him getting beat too bad on defense, turning the ball over too much or taking too many bad shots. It looked like he wanted to get people involved. Maybe he wasn't doing what they were looking for from him. It's really hard to get a fair evaluation because there wasn't enough time to see him out there. JamesOn didn't take that many more shots last year here at the USA Festival (where he played a lot better). He just got more time and seemed more comfortable and confident. I can't say he looks all that confident now and I can't really blame him for that considering how few minutes they played him." – Eric Bossi, Prep Stars

"Don't think he had a good week. He seemed to be pressing when he got in the game and when he played he had turnovers. I think with the guards that they had, the decision was made to play the other guards and it felt like JamesOn never really had a role. He was not the point guard and was not the two guard – kind of what I would call in no man's land. I thought he had some nice segments where he played pretty well, passing the ball and stuff, but all in all it wasn't a good week for him." – John Moon, Eastern Alamance head coach

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