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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Mike Fox, Chaz Frank, R.C. Orlan and Jacob Stallings, who spoke to the media following UNC's victory over Wake Forest on Wednesday.

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Opening comments:
"Good win for us certainly. I thought we really battled against [Tim] Cooney. He's really good. We put together one inning there. I think you win games in the tournament late with two out hits and we got two or three big ones for us to get us that four run inning and our pitching did the rest. Got to give a lot of credit to Shane [Taylor] starting. He just didn't have his best stuff and got behind a lot of guys, but made just enough pitches. We were hoping he'd get through five [innings] for us and then, as we've done all year long, we go to our bullpen and kind of mix and match and drive y'all crazy, but we don't really care about that. R.C. [Orlan] was terrific for us I thought. We extended him a little bit more than maybe probably wanted to, but we really didn't expect him to pitch tomorrow against Miami anyway just because of their lineup. We got Kent [Emanuel] going. It's a good win for us. Good win."

What makes R.C. Orlan so hard to hit?
"I don't know… his fastballs got life at the plate. You hear that some, but I think his fastball; I think it's a little sneaky. I think tonight, especially on some good fastballs, that ball explodes at the plate and I think the hitter thinks he's right on it and its got that late life you hear about. He's around the plate for the most part so you have to be ready to swing. Breaking ball is greatly improved. Threw some change-ups tonight just enough. He's got good balance, he attacks guys, he's fearless. I don't want to talk about the All-ACC team, but he wasn't on it, so that's all I'll say about that."

What has been the common thread during this 14 game winning streak?
"There's been more than one, but obviously it's been our overall pitching. Our starting pitching, our relieving, of course Michael Morin has been terrific for us. We've played really well defensively down the stretch and we've gotten more two out hits probably during this stretch the last couple of weeks than we have all year long. So some timely hitting and some really good starting pitching and our bullpen has been, I think, probably the key to our season so far from kind of middle to end and then we've played well defensively as we did tonight."


Describe your two-out, two RBI double in the third inning that helped break the game open.
"I was trying to be aggressive that at bat. With two outs and a runner in scoring position, the pitcher is going to try and get ahead. I was actually in a 1-0 count so I was kind of figuring he might throw a fastball, because he didn't want to go 2-0 and I was able to get the bat head out a little bit and hit it down in the corner. I was trying to be a little more aggressive, especially with two outs and runners in scoring position.

Any extra excitement playing Miami tomorrow knowing they swept you earlier this season? "For me, yeah, because since I've been here Miami has kind of kicked our butts to be honest with you. I don't really have a good explanation why, so, yes, I know we definitely want to come out and not let them beat us four times in one season."


On the throw home in the third inning to get the runner and prevent Wake Forest from taking a 1-0 lead.
"Off the bat it was kind of like a blooper and I kind of saw [Pat] Blair hesitate a little bit so I knew if I picked the ball up and fired as quickly as I could we had a chance. Jacob [Stallings] did a great job at deking Blair and we were able to get him."


Did you feel like you had your best stuff tonight?
"To be honest, not really. My fastball was a little inconsistent today and I didn't locate my slider as well as I wanted to, but I made some big pitches when I was behind in the count and kept my walks down. Coach [Scott] Forbes went over Wake Forest before the game and basically said they're pretty aggressive and keep attacking and it worked out for us today."

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