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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Mike Fox, Kent Emanuel and Grayson Atwood, who spoke to the media following UNC's loss to Miami on Thursday.

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Opening comments:
"Obviously a tough loss for us. Probably that's a recipe on how not to win a game against a really good team… Leadoff single to start the game [followed by a] first pitch hit into a double play, leadoff double don't get him in, leadoff double don't get him in, leadoff triple, single, error, don't get him in. Those things come back to get you in the course of a nine inning game and that was exactly the case for us. If we had punched one or two of those across it would've been a little bit different of a game.

"You've got to give Miami credit. They seem to have our number right now and they got a big hit. Got to give [Dale] Carey a lot of credit. We had him 1-2 and tried to go in and he hits the ball out, so it's one of those things. We had our chances at the end, so we're going to keep playing until the last out and it's unfortunate we couldn't get a couple across there at the end."

You have gotten contributions from so many different players in just two games? Is it your philosophy to try and use everybody in this tournament?
"We try to use as much of our roster as we can getting settled in with your lineup. We have to mix and match a little bit because we're a left handed hitting dominant team so Grayson [Atwood] is one of a couple righties we have at our disposal. We gave Matt Roberts an at bat last night and Grayson today, so we're trying to get those guys in there. You never know, it might help us down the road."

What do you expect on Saturday now that N.C. State has decided to start ACC Pitcher of the Year Carlos Rodon?
"I didn't know that, but… you don't have any control over that. You got to face whoever you got to face. He's obviously a tremendous talent and you'll have to hold them down offensively that's for sure because you can't count on scoring a lot of runs. He's good."

On the called third strike to end the game and his ensuing ejection:
"You can look at the video. You look at it and come back and tell me. The kids should decide the game… You'll have to ask [the umpires]. They think there's no emotion involved here after the game apparently. You're not supposed to say anything. It's hard to play this game without emotion. Sometimes you got to let things go."


On the two-out homerun he gave up to Dale Carey, which put Miami back on top for good:
"Believe it or not, of all the hits I got, I think that was the one where I didn't miss my spot. It's kind of funny how it worked out. I felt like he didn't even get all of it to be honest with you, but he still got enough to get out of the ballpark. It's just one of those things I guess."

Two of your four loses this season have come at the hands of the Hurricanes. Is it a matchup problem with Miami that is tough for you?
"No. Not at all. Today I felt like I had better stuff than my first outing. My first outing against them was my worst performance of the year regardless of who I was playing. This game was just one of those things. They were able to get the big swing off the bat at the end and a few runs at the beginning of the game too."


What is it like to come into a game off the bench when it is has been awhile since you played in a close game?
"Just staying ready. Coach [Fox] told me to be ready to go in, so I'm just trying to stay mentally prepared and my approach was put a good swing on the first good pitch I see and luckily I was able to put a good swing on it."

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