The inside word on Williams

As is now the custom at <i>Inside Carolina</i>, when a recruit isn't tipping his hand, we consult exclusive, inside sources.

North Carolina fans are getting used to this.

After going through similar situations last year with both Brian Butch and David Padgett, where both players didn't divulge much – if anything – through their recruitment, Marvin Williams is wading through the process in much the same manner.

While those close to him may have a good idea which way he is leaning, the introverted Williams has given little indication to anyone else – including college coaches – where he's headed.

"I don't know, but I don't think we're going to get him," said a source close to the Arizona program. "I think it'll probably be Washington to be honest. My prediction is Washington."

However, those at U-Dub aren't so sure.

"Usually the team that's getting him already knows," a source connected with the University of Washington basketball team said. "Everything points to the fact that we're about to get him, but you just never know. We haven't heard anything yet."

Neither has North Carolina.

National recruiting analyst Dave Telep is another one you can add to the list of those who doesn't have a firm grasp of where Williams will choose when he makes his announcement Friday at 1 p.m at Bremerton High.

"Marvin has done a pretty good job of masking his emotions and keeping everyone in the dark about his decision," Telep said. "In talking with a number of college coaches, I can tell you that if you spoke to three different people `in the know', they might each come up with a different school."

Even his peers are in the dark about where he's headed.

"I don't really know," said one of his teammates. "Whenever we get on the topic, he comes right off of it. He's pretty quiet about it. He knows that bigger is not always better. I know he likes UW, but at the same time, he might surprise some people around here and leave Washington."

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