NBPA: Q&A with Jalen Lindsey

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. --- Jalen Lindsey has spent the last year focusing on perimeter skills and it's paying dividends. Last week the 6-7 rising junior from Nashville (Tenn.) made the All-Elite 100 Camp team, this week he's trying to build on that momentum at the NBPA Top 100 Camp.

Carolina is a school to which you've noted a childhood affinity. Where do things stand with them at this point?

I've always liked Carolina, I've always been a big fan of Carolina, so they are always going to be on top of my list no matter what. I think they are a great school, with great history, so I'm real interested in them.

What have they communicated to you in terms of where they are with you right now?

Right now they said June 15 they are going to start calling me a lot, trying to stay in touch and getting to know me. I plan on trying to take a visit down there soon.

Have you spoken with Roy Williams yet?

I have not.

Who is the coach at UNC that you talk with?

Coach [Steve] Robinson.

You mentioned a UNC visit – when do you plan on taking that visit?

I have no time circled right now with all this basketball, but I'm about to have a break until July so I'm trying to maybe take a visit on a weekend, but I'm not sure yet.

How many schools are you eying visiting soon?

Three or four. Probably UNC, Kentucky, Florida and maybe go down to Kansas.

You mentioned wanting to visit Kentucky, what are your thoughts on the Wildcats?

I definitely like Kentucky – the background, I love Coach Calipari. I think he's a great coach and I hear he's a great man. It's always good to have a coach like that … I have not talked a lot with him, but I have with the assistant coaches. I hear he's talked to my head coach a lot about me and after June 15 they're going to be calling.

Who have been your latest offers in recent months?

My latest offer was Louisville, that was a little while ago. Kansas is starting to pick up interest, so is Providence and Georgia. … I love Coach Pitino, the campus is nice, and for them to offer a few weeks after they started recruiting me was great. It was quick and showed they have real good interest.

You're going to get a lot of offers, and these schools will all roll out the red carpet. What's going to be the most important for you?

Definitely the location will have something to do with it, and how the coaches treat the players and the players treat the coaches, and how the fans act …

By location do you mean proximity to home or a place you like to be?

A place I like to be at, and somewhat [distance] from home because I'm trying to make sure my parents can get to the games. … We haven't talked how far they'd want to drive, but somewhere where they can at least try to get to the games because I definitely want them at the games.

We've seen that your game continues to improve. In what ways have you noticed your game getting better?

I think my confidence is better. I was raised as a big man and for me to emerge as a small forward in high school through college, I've always been working on my ball handling and shooting now and it's gotten a lot better.

You earned a lot of rave reviews for your play last weekend at the Nike Elite 100 Camp. How did that impact your confidence coming into this NBPA Top 100 Camp?

It's given me a lot of confidence. I just want to come here, impress people, play hard in games and drills, and gain respect. I've been ready for it.

You've always been known as an explosive athlete – that was your reputation – but you're also now shooting the ball well from long range. How have you improved in that area?

I've been in the gym almost every day. If I'm not doing my school ball, I'm in the gym practicing on a gun that we've got to get my shot right, making sure I have the same form every time. I've been working on that a lot, plus ball handling. I've always been an explosive player, but without the ball handling and shooting that won't come.

The coaches that are recruiting you, what do they say you most need to work on?

They say I need to work on mostly ball handling, since I was raised as a big man and I will be playing small forward in college. Definitely ball handling and consistent shooting.

Having been raised as a big man, when did you start playing on the wing?

End of my freshman year going into my sophomore year [a year ago]. People were telling me ‘you're going to be a small forward in college so you definitely have got to get the ball handling down.' I'd been a big man so it was a struggle but it's been great because I've gotten a lot better at ball handling and shooting, so I'm going to keep working hard at it because it's paying off.

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