Pro-Am Q&A: Leslie McDonald

DURHAM, N.C. -- North Carolina guard Leslie McDonald spoke to reporters following the opening game of the 2012 N.C. Pro-Am. The junior led Sheraton Imperial with 22 points in a 65-58 victory over Dreamworks.

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How did it feel out there? Trying to show the world you're healthy?
"It felt good. It felt good to play back in this tournament again. A lot of guys was telling me don't play in it, but I'm a basketball player. I love basketball, so this is the tournament around and I'm going to play in it. I felt pretty good running up and down the court, getting some shots, passing to open people. I felt good."

On chasing loose balls, catching alley-oops and playing hard defense even thought it is a Pro-Am game:
"When I tell you I'm 100 percent, I'm 100 percent. I'm ready to do anything. My jumping ability is back, my jumper is back. I'm just ready to play ball again."

How was it out there?
"It was good. It was just good to play in front of the fans again and let them know that I'm back."

What did you want to prove today?
"I didn't have to prove. I just told people that I was 100 percent. I wanted to come out here for the fun of it. I love coming out here and playing in this venue."

On his jump shot:
"It felt pretty good. I've been working on it all summer."

Do you plan to play later on in the tournament?
"You might see me out here, not next week, but a couple of times before it's all over."

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