Breakout Q&A: Dwayne Morgan

PHILADELPHIA --- North Carolina told Dwayne Morgan that he was on the staff's priority watch list for July, and sure enough the Tar Heel coaches were in attendance on Wednesday evening for the 2014 forward's opening game at the Reebok Breakout camp.

What's your outlook for this month as the live period begins tonight?

I'm real excited. I've got some goals I want to reach and July is the time to do it. This is the last chance I get to play in front of coaches until the season.

What are those goals?

I don't want any doubt in my peers that I can play and I'm Top 20 right now and I want to get into the Top 10, so I'm going out there and playing hard.

When you're at your best, what are you doing well?

Defense. Every time I go out on the court, I try to shut my offensive assignment down.

What do you think about this camp setting? Do you have to change your mentality here as opposed to AAU?

I like it. It's real competitive. In AAU I look to get my shots off, but in front of the college coaches I'm trying to show that I can play in the offense.

How's the recruiting process going for you?

It's going real well. I've got 10 offers and a couple with interest.

Who are those offers?

UNLV, Maryland, NC State, Georgetown, LSU, Miami, Missouri, Seton Hall, and there are two more I can't think of.

And who are the schools showing interest?

North Carolina is showing interest. West Va., Texas ... there are a lot.

Talk about North Carolina. They got involved recently, how's their recruitment of you going?

It's going well. I talked to their coach who told me when I go out here to play hard, no slacking.

What did they tell you about how they're going to recruit you?

They told me they'd see me here, down in Milwaukee and during the school season.

Roy Williams was up there watching you today --

Yeah, I peeked and I saw him -- I saw him.

What do you think about North Carolina?

They play in an offense but at the same time know how to run and gun - it's a controlled game, they control the game no matter who they play.

Have they talked about you taking a visit there?

I had a visit planned for NC State and North Carolina, but I had some family commitments I had to take care of. I want to get down there before school starts.

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