Jones: 'UNC Was The Place For Me'

Shortly after committing to the Tar Heels while on UNC's campus on Friday, Nazair Jones talked to about his decision ...

Tell me what happened with the commitment.

"After the camp, Coach [Larry] Fedora talked to my coaches and then he pulled me to the side and told me that I was offered. I thanked him a lot and told him how excited I was about it. I called my mom and told her about it and she was really excited. She gave me the word that it was okay with her [to go ahead and commit]. She likes the school and all. About 20 minutes later, we went back up to the football office and I visited Coach Fedora and I told him I was a Tar Heel."

What was Fedora's reaction when you committed?

"He was real excited – I was surprised that he got that excited. He had a big smile on his face. It was a good feeling to see somebody that excited."

What went through your mind when Fedora offered you?

"I don't know what I was thinking. But I always knew that UNC was the place for me. I was just waiting for my body to catch up to where my heart was. I've always been a Carolina fan, I've always liked the school, they've put a lot of D-linemen in the NFL, it has great academics – I just couldn't see anything wrong with the school."

How does it feel to get this offer after the rough road you took?

"It's awesome man. I can't really even explain the feeling. I've been up there a couple times, but I couldn't really call it home. But, that's out of the way now. I just like being up there – the whole atmosphere."

Is this the first time you really worked out since November when you got sick?

"Yea. I did my spring workouts and I did drills with my coach, but as far as physical stuff, this was my first real workout."

How did you feel out there?

"I was feeling good early on. I started to get fatigued and got hot, so I sat down and got Gatorade."

What was it like to be coached by Deke Adams, UNC's defensive line coach?

"I like the way his coaches. I like him as a person – he seems like a real cool guy. I know how to talk to him – he relates to me real well. I would love to be coached by him. He really knows what he's talking about."

What are your thoughts on continuing the pipeline from Roanoke Rapids to UNC?

"I was always a Carolina fan. [The pipeline] played some part in [my decision]. I saw what guys like J.J. [Patterson] and Kareem [Martin] have done. It's good to know that I'll know people there when I get to college."

Have you told Patterson and/or Martin?

"I told J.J. when I had lunch and I told Kareem after I left. They were all excited."

How did coaches Randy Jordan and Adams affect your decision, particularly making sure you were well informed with where they stood?

"They were very straightforward. There was never any beating around the bush. They let me know where I stood at all times."

Where along the defensive line will you end up playing for UNC?

"I got reps today [at the camp] at tackle and end, so I'm not really sure where I'll play. But I'm a pretty big dude, so I'm pretty sure I'll play inside."

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