ABCD: Theo Davis

HACKENSACK, N.J. -- Theo Davis has arrived, literally. The Toronto native transferred to Elizabeth (N.J.) St. Patrick's this summer and even before his strong showing at the ABCD Camp, the high major schools were flooding him with mail.

Kansas, Michigan State, Syracuse, Texas and North Carolina all have been in touch in the last few weeks.

The Tar Heels are real interested and let him know.

"They sent me a signed letter that said they're going to start recruiting me," Davis said of UNC.

Davis battles Dwight Howard

This week, Davis has shown that he knows where he belongs on the court and understands his role.

"I've been playing pretty well – running the floor, blocking shots, working hard on defense," he said.

He knows he's not a wing, like so many other post players fool themselves into thinking. And sticking to his role has led to good stat production.

Through two days, he leads the camp in rebounding (10.7 rpg) and tied for second in blocked shots (2.3 bpg) -- it's easy to see why such big-name schools are already hot on his trail.

A comparison for his game? He had a good one already lined up for us – Syracuse's Hakeem Warrick, he said.

Despite his thin frame, the soft-spoken Davis has battled hard under the hoop and taken some knocks for his efforts – on one occasion his head hit the floor so hard that it could be heard three courts over – but he's gotten back up, applied some ice and returned to the game.

Right now he's at 6-9 and 215 pounds, but put another 20 pounds on him and he'll be putting the hurt on his opponents, rather than receiving them.


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