Crowley: 'It Just Felt Right'

Lucas Crowley didn't plan on committing immediately following his UNC visit, but he did. The future Tar Heel offensive lineman spoke with about the visit and what led to his decision ...

Take me through what happened with the actual verbal commitment.

"After we left campus, we went out to eat with my parents – we went out to dinner. We were discussing [committing] ever since we left. They liked it a lot and I liked it a lot. And then we got to my cousin's house in Cary and around 10:30 I called them and let them know that I was committing there."

What made you want to commit to UNC?

"After sitting down with the coaches, I liked everything that Coach Kap' [Chris Kapilovic] and Coach [Dan] Disch and [Larry] Fedora had to say. I was asking them –since they are a new coaching staff and they're coming in with a new plan – if the team bought into it… I got the feeling that since the players bought into it that they had a good program set up that they were going to turn the program around.

"I felt comfortable with Coach Kap'. I kept in contact with Coach Kap' more than any other coach. So I knew him more than any other coach.

"It just felt right. I felt comfortable there and my family felt comfortable there. I talked to a kid that I know that's going there, [Jon Heck], and he told me he loved everything about it. He's been up there for about six weeks and he has loved everything about it."

Obviously Saturday's visit had a major impact on your decision. Tell me about its impact.

"I had never met Coach Fedora or Coach Kap' even – I talked to Coach Kap' on the phone a bunch. The visit played a big factor for me in how comfortable I feel.

"I didn't want to go somewhere where they were just taking me. I wanted to go somewhere I was wanted. They also said they needed a center, which gives me a big chances to playing. They only have two other centers there."

What about Kapilovic, what role did he play in this decision?

"He played a big role, because he's going to be my [position] coach for the four or five years that I'll be there. So I wanted to make sure I'd be there with a coach that I liked and got along with and that I felt comfortable with. He made a good impression on me and my parents. I felt like he was a good fit for me."

Heading into the visit, did the thought of committing cross your mind?

"I actually did not think I was going to commit. The plan was to go [to UNC] and then this coming up weekend I was going to visit Missouri and Nebraska. And then after that I was going to make my decision based off the schools that I visited. But – like they say – when it feels right, you should do it."

So are the trips to Missouri and Nebraska still scheduled?

"No sir."

Will you visit any more schools or are you completely finished with the recruiting process?

"Nope. I am done."

Who accompanied you on your visit to UNC? What did they think?

"My parents. They loved it. The big thing for them was always to go to a school with great academics, as well a good football program. But being parents, they wanted me to get a great education and obviously UNC is one of the top schools in the country as far as education goes. And then they loved the new coaching staff as far as what Coach Kap' had to say about his standards for his players."

What did you do on your visit?

"We got there and we went through a tour of the facilities and then we went on a tour of the campus. We met up with Coach [Larry] Fedora. And then we ate lunch. After that we saw some other facilities around the campus. And then we finished off with talking to Coach Kap' in his office."

When you met with Fedora, what did he talk about?

"He was just talking to us about the way he expects the kids to act, like in school. [He talked about] what things he's going to change, what his plans are for the future."

You're coming in as a center. When does Kapilovic believe you'll be competing for playing time?

"He said right off the bat I'll be competing for playing time. He said if I come in and he thinks I'm ready to play as a freshman, he's going to play me as a freshman, no doubt. If I come in and he doesn't think I'm quite ready, he's going to have me as his backup. He said once I come in I'll be fighting for a spot."

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