Sunday Big Time Tourney Links

Prep Stars: "Fraser is a rangy rejector whose blocks greatly discouraged all the Hurricanes from taking the ball inside," talent evaluator Brick Oettinger said. "Without him, the outcome of the game almost definitely would've been much different." (Big Time coverage)

The Sporting News: "In a little more than three weeks, [Buckman has] established himself as the Longhorns' No. 1 priority and short-listed himself for McDonald's All-America candidacy." (Buckman garnering plenty of Big Time attention ) "There's no question [Randolph is] skilled, but now is the time to begin the process of filling out his frame. Right now, he's getting taken advantage of at both ends because he's not strong enough to mix it up. Yes, he does some great things with the ball, can really handle it and pass the rock, but physically, he's behind the curve." (Day Four: Davis Rises To Challenge )

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