Miller's Finalists Taking Shape

Following an unofficial visit to North Carolina, Dorian Miller's final schools list is beginning to take shape.

"I'm definitely going to have five (finalists) going into the season," Miller said. "As of now, my top three out of five are UNC, UConn, and Rutgers. My other two schools are up for grabs. But those are the three schools I'm definitely going to take officials to."

Tennessee is among the schools to have offered Miller, a 6-foot-3, 285-pound offensive guard from Metuchen (N.J.). However, the Volunteers have told him they are currently filled up at offensive line. If a spot opens up, Miller's fondness of Tennessee will likely push it onto his final five schools list.

"I'm still open to anybody," Miller said. "I'm a guy that's not afraid to travel."

Originally, Miller had planned to wait until Signing Day to make his collegiate decision. Feeling the heat of spots filling up, though, he has sped up his timetable significantly. He now plans to decide shortly after his official visits.

"Official visits are the best time for me to get around the players," Miller said. "If I could have taken official visits earlier, I would have committed by now."

Miller doesn't have any official trips scheduled. Tentatively, though, he plans to officially visit UNC the weekend the Tar Heels host Idaho (Sep. 29).

Miller's unofficial visit to UNC, which began Friday and concluded Saturday, provided him a great introduction into the school.

"I was definitely really impressed," Miller said. "I learned a lot as far as the school in in general -- the educational reputation. For a state school, it's pretty impressive. The coaches were throwing the stats at me on, like what the business school is rated. It's definitely a school that thrives on sports, but it has the Ivy League-type of feel academically. It's the best of both worlds."

Miller met UNC's entire coaching staff, which provided him a reunion with assistant coach Gunter Brewer.

"When he was at [Oklahoma State], Brewer recruited my older brother," Miller said. "It was cool to bump into Coach Brewer. We caught up and he told me how it was to be down there. It was totally weird to see him coaching at a different school."

The coach Miller spent the most time with was Chris Kapilovic, the Tar Heels' offensive line coach.

"I liked [Kapilovic] a lot," Miller said. "He seems like a real family guy. He's really into his kids and talked about how hard it is to be away from them. He wasn't just keeping it straight football talk; he was talking about me in the past, throughout middle school. He talked about his kid and his kid's first day of playing football and how he was a little nervous about that.

"He's a good guy and he's easygoing. He's not one of those guys that are going to curse you and dog you out. I liked his style."

Miller also had a one-on-one meeting with Larry Fedora.

"He talked about what his philosophies were – overall throughout my four years there he wants me to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically," Miller said. "He's a young looking guy – I was surprised that he was 50 by the way he was built. He says he pushes about 320 on the bench. He's vibrant, real energetic, and a guy that will care about you. He'll look after you as a person, as well as a player, if you go there. He was saying all the right things. It was a real good conversation."

Fedora and Kapilovic provided Miller an update on UNC's scholarship situation.

"I liked how they were honest," Miller said. "They let me know that I might not have the chance to wait as long, because they're recruiting me and a couple others. So if somebody else were to commit earlier than I do, they'll probably have to back off me."

Miller's stay also included a full campus tour conducted by Marcus Berry, UNC's Director of Player Personnel.

"It definitely has the college town feel," Miller said. "I really liked that everything is close. The football center is pretty much right in the middle of the campus, so it's not going to be more than a 15-minute walk to get to class. At some places, you have to walk 30 minutes to get to class."

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