Peach Jam: Brian Johnson Q&A

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- <i>Inside Carolina</i> caught up with Brian Johnson Monday afternoon following his D.C. Blue Devils' opening round game at the Peach Jam.

Last we spoke was back in December. A lot has changed since then. Where does your recruitment stand? Do you have a final list?

The two schools I'm really looking at are Louisville and North Carolina, but I don't have any leaders right now. The others schools, I'm just looking at: Arizona, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Miami, Notre Dame.

Sort of walk me through your recruitment with North Carolina since January. A lot has changed since then with the new coaching staff. It seemed like the former coaching staff had made an offer of a scholarship. Is that the case?

I don't know. I'm not sure how to put it because I can't tell if they really offered me a scholarship. All they said is to get used to them before I make a commitment.

So you felt like one was coming if one hadn't already been offered?


Where do you stand now, with Coach Williams and his staff?

They seem cool. He seems like a guy I could play for--him and his staff, Coach Robinson. That might be one of my choices.

Coach Holladay watched your game this morning. They definitely still seem interested. A point that has been made about Coach Williams is that when he was at Kansas, he recruited mostly west, so he hadn't had a chance to see much of you or really get to know you. Do you still feel like you are going through that process right now?

Yes. He's just getting to know me right now.

There seems to be a contingent of Carolina fans that seem panicked that you haven't received an offer. Is that premature because you are still getting to know each other?

That's it. It's going to be a slow process, getting to know each other, so that's all that is.

When do you think you'll make a decision?

Around October.

Is that when you plan to decide or to announce?

That's when I'm going to announce it.

Will you wait until then, even if you decide before that point?

Yes, that's when I'm going to announce it.

I get the impression that you won't announce your decision at an AAU tournament--you will want to set up a press conference so your friends and family can be present.

Yes, that's what I'll do.

How well do you know the current UNC staff and how much more do you feel you need to know in order to be in a comfortable position?

The thing I think I need to do now is just go on my visits and see the school because I think I know Coach Williams pretty well.

Do you know when you'll go on your visit?

In September.

I assume that Louisville and UNC are definite visits based on what you've told me. Are you waiting to see where the other three will be?

Yes, that's what I'm going to do.

Is it possible that you won't take all five visits?

I might not take all my visits.


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