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Justise Winslow landed a number of big offers - including one from North Carolina - at the conclusion of the July circuit and his recruitment hasn't slowed down since. The 2014 wing from Houston (Texas) St. John's talked in-depth about the Tar Heel offer and updated his recruitment.

How did you think the July circuit went for you?
I think I played pretty well in July. We lost Derrick Griffin and that really opened up an opportunity to be more of a scorer rather than facilitate because you know I play point guard. It allowed me to score and get rebounds.

You do play some on the ball, is that something you want to do in college?
I'm pretty good at it. At the next level depending on my growth and how I fill out I may be a combo guard. If I get bigger I'll be more of a two/three. Regardless, being a point guard I think it's something that I do well.

What was the USA 17U experience like?
The USA experience was great. Seeing my name on the back of the jersey was cool, but Coach always preached to us that it's not always the name on the back of the jersey but the USA on the front. …

On the recruiting front, how is that going and where are at with that process?
With the new rules with how they can text and call the recruiting process has really picked up recently. They can come visit us at our school in September -- the second week in September they can come to the school.

Who are your new offers?
North Carolina, Ohio State, Kansas, Duke.

Who is recruiting you hard?
Most of the schools are coming at me pretty hard. I haven't narrowed my list down yet. That's something I'm looking to do in the fall. All of the schools that have recruited me in the past are still recruiting me hard. They all still have a chance in my mind.

How did the offer with North Carolina go down?
I was actually with Jahlil (Okafor) out in LA, we were going to UCLA the next day and then going to adidas Nations later that week. We had just came from Las Veags where we had played each other in the championship. Coach Williams called me and offered me a scholarship.

What did you think of the offer?
I was really happy because that was one of the schools growing up where you always hear North Carolina and Michael Jordan and to be a part of that legacy and that tradition is a great thing. I was really happy to get that offer.

What sticks out about Carolina?
I like the tempo that they play. He always seems to get point guards that push the ball and that are really looking to facilitiate first like Kendall Marshall. That's a great thing to have in a program. It seems like their wings are really, really involved in the offense and even the post players get their touches. The wings get their chance to score, so that's definitely a good thing.

What position is UNC recruiting you to play?
Coach Williams basically told me the same thing I told you. With my size and ball handling, he really doesn't know what position I'd play, but that I'm very versatile and that's one of the things he liked about me.

Has UNC talked to you about taking another visit?
I went on a visit to North Carolina in February, but they are still trying to get me to get out and see the campus. They are trying to get me out there pretty soon.

What other schools are trying to get you to campus?
All the schools are trying to get me to come to their Midnight Madness or whenever College Gameday is going to be on campus. Everyone is trying to get me to visit their school.

You visited UCLA a few weeks ago, how was that trip?
UCLA is really nice. My older brother lives and works out in LA so he was with me on the visit. Jahlil was also on the visit with his dad. It was a really nice campus.

You also saw Stanford recently, what'd you think of that visit?
It was probably the nicest campus I've been to. The facilities are top notch because everybody that graduates from Stanford gets a good job and gives back to Stanford. Everything around Stanford was really nice.

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