Fedora Fired Up

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – It took reporters 19 days into preseason camp to find out what sets North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora off and they have the Tar Heel players to thank, courtesy of a bad practice on Wednesday.

After Fedora conducted a longer-than-normal post-practice huddle with his team, he strolled over to the media corps and promptly lashed out at his team when asked how the afternoon session went.

"It wasn't very good," Fedora said. "It wasn't good enough, I can tell you that. It's not anything like the way we practiced during camp. It was like a whole different situation out here, so we'll have to get that corrected tonight and then we'll get out here tomorrow and hopefully get a good practice in."

There apparently wasn't just one thing that the first-year head coach was upset about.

"It was an intensity issue, a focus issue – it was a lot of issues," Fedora said. "We'll get it corrected."

A reporter asked if the first day of classes on Tuesday possibly played a role, but Fedora was having none of it.

"It doesn't matter what the excuse is," Fedora said. "It's just excuses. It doesn't matter what it is, you've got to come out here and you've got to approach the field every day the same way and you've got to get better. You're either going to get better or get worse. You're never going to say the same."

Fedora calmed down as the topic of conversation drifted from center Russell Bodine to linebacker Kevin Reddick to linebacker Tommy Heffernan and made a point toward the end of his media availability to reiterate that his opinion of camp hadn't changed.

"We've made a lot of progress in camp," Fedora said. "I don't want to let today's practice ruin what we did in camp because we really did some nice things in camp. I thought our team got much better in camp, from Day One until the last day.

"We gave them the day off from school yesterday so they could get their school clothes laid out and get their first day of school in and then expected them to come back out here focused today. We just didn't get that."

Fedora has preached about accountability since he arrived in Chapel Hill last December. There's probably a good chance the players will see the bite behind that bark over the next 24 hours.

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