Peach Jam: Josh McRoberts Q&A

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- Josh McRoberts may only be in the class of 2005, but he's already drawing a crowd of the top head coaches in the country at his Peach Jam games this week.

I know it's still early, but what schools are you considering?

It's definitely early. I've narrowed it down, but I'm still completely open.

Is it safe to assume that Indiana is on that list?

Yeah. North Carolina is on the list too.

Have you gotten any mail from the new staff?

Yes. I also got a chance to go over and talk to Coach Williams. I took an unofficial visit last month. I was at the basketball camp at Duke, so I got a chance to visit Coach Williams and the rest of the staff.

Have you heard any comparisons to Shavlik Randolph?

A little bit.

Is Duke on your list?

Yes, Duke, North Carolina, Indiana, Notre Dame, Kansas, and Arizona are who I'm looking at right now, but I'm definitely still open to any other interest.

Where do you see yourself playing in college? You have a true center playing with you now. Is that an indication you won't play center in college?

I think in college, I'll be a three or a four. Maybe, in some offenses, maybe in the ACC, I could even play the two, two through five in the ACC.

Duke runs a motion offense. Is that appealing to you?

To be honest, I haven't really had a chance to look at all that yet, but I'm sure I will.

How did you come to go to the Duke camp?

The coaching staff invited me. They kind of knew my former high school coach and I went.

Is that something that you have to pay for?


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