Peach Jam: Daniel Gibson

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- On Tuesday, rumors circulated that 6-1 point guard Daniel Gibson was re-thinking his verbal commitment to Texas. On Wednesday, he admitted as much but was guarded about the details.

"I haven't opened it as of yet," the Texas native remarked Wednesday morning after his Houston Hoops team improved to 4-1 on the week, thanks in part to 16 points, 8 assists and 4 steals from Gibson. "I'm still going to Texas, but there has been some wavering. I have been thinking.

"There's a missing part. It's because I've been wanting to go to that (unnamed) school for a while. I picked Texas because that's the place I want to be."

Currently, he isn't naming names, but there are indicators that the Tar Heels could be the school creating doubt in his mind.

"I can't say," Gibson replied when asked if North Carolina is that school.

Fact #1: Gibson confirmed that Kansas finished second to Texas, prior to the coaching change that brought Roy Williams from the heartland to Blue Heaven.

Fact #2: Gibson told IC at the 2002 Peach Jam that he grew up a big UNC fan and that North Carolina is his dream school.

"Yes, that's good logic," he remarked with a smile, when presented with the facts that point to the Tar Heels…

"All I can say is he's a big North Carolina fan--and a Roy Williams fan," his father and AAU coach Byron Gibson said, "but as far as I'm concerned, he has a commitment to the Longhorns. That's how I would like to leave [my comments]."

But first things first. Coaches generally abide by a "gentlemen's agreement" not to continue recruiting players who verbally commit, so the younger Gibson will have to make the first contact.

"If I was really considering changing my mind I would be the one to go to North Carolina and tell them," he said.

And before he could do that, he'll want to have a heart-to-heart talk with the coaching staff at Texas.

"That would have to be my first call," Gibson said. "I'll make sure that I call the staff and let them know I'm changing my mind because I don't think that would be right just to open my commitment like that…

"My parents and I have to sit down and talk about it because once you make a commitment--your word is the only thing you can go by. That's the type of man I am. I want to stick by my word. I said I was going to Texas. I'm going to stick to it, talk to my parents and see what's the best situation for me."

Should a change of heart come to pass, the decision will be Daniel Gibson's alone. He'll get input from others, but he will make the final choice.

"I'm going to support him, whatever he does," the elder Gibson said. "He can't go wrong with either place. They are great programs, both of them. If it comes down to [him changing his mind], it will be his choice."

And if the UNC staff's intensive watching of Gibson this week is any indication, should he decide to make that call to UNC, they'll be very receptive.

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