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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes a transcription of head coach Larry Fedora's conversation with the media.

Opening comments:
"We got a chance to evaluate all the game film and everything and we got a lot of corrections to be made and we got a lot of those things corrected last night at practice and we put the game to bed and now we're focusing on being 1-0 this week."

What did you see on the film that you did not notice during the game?
"Little things. Technical things. Steps, hat placements, just guys being on the right guys, really alignments, just all the fundamental things that you talk about in a game. I will say I was impressed that our guys, for the first game and for the first time running all of these systems, offensively, defensively and special teams, I thought our concentration level, our focus was really good throughout the entire game."

What do you need to correct on offense?
"Our tempo was still not close to where we want it to be. Hopefully we identified some of the problems there with some of the calls that needed to be made or didn't need to made and, with Bryn [Renner], just having a sense of urgency about himself in between plays."

How do you make sure the team is as focused this week as they were last week?
"That just gives me one more thing to worry about so I appreciate that. Our coaches understand that. They know. We've got a bunch of experienced guys so they know what to expect and what they're going to have to do this week to maintain that focus. We only get 12 and this is number two. It'll all be over with before you know it. Even though we're at the beginning of the season there has got to be a sense of urgency and this is the next step and you've got to take advantage of it. You got to cherish every moment."

What were your thoughts on the crowd?
"I thought it was good, especially the Tar Pit. I thought the student section did a great job. You love seeing them all painted up and having fun and they stayed there until the end and that was tough to do. That was tough for me to do. For them to be there at the end and to be able to sing the alma mater at the end for them, that was a lot of fun."

On playing the first road game of the year:
"Hopefully getting up for it is not a problem. It's the next game. It's the next opportunity so that ‘s the culture we're trying to establish. It doesn't matter who you're trying to play, when you play them, where you play them, what time you play them. It's the next opportunity and you get yourself prepared to play throughout this week and after Thursday it's your personal plan as far as how you're going to play, but going on the road in the league is always something that is difficult so, for us, it's trying to keep, whether it's a home game or an away game, everything the same. Our preparation throughout the week, our preparation on Friday is exactly the same whether it is home or away. Hopefully that helps as we get into a routine."

What have you seen from Wake Forest?
"First off, Jim [Grobe] does a great job with his team and they're always very well prepared. I've known that for a long time and always have heard great things about Jim. I came in behind him when he was at the Air Force Academy and left to go to Ohio. Never really got a chance to be around him, but I know his teams are very well prepared. He's got a lot of guys that either played at the Academy or were there coaching before that are on his staff so his kids are going to play hard. They're going to be very sound. They're going to move quite a bit upfront defensively.

"They've got a receiver I understand is a really good player in the league and made a lot of plays for them last year so they find a lot of ways to get him the ball. What I've looked at in the kicking game – sound, the kids play hard, they're aggressive, they get after it. They got a new kicker this year who put four out of five into the end zone the other day, so he's obviously got a strong leg. It'll definitely be a tough time."

What differences to you expect in ACC play versus Conference USA play?
"All conference games are difficult because they have the most meaning, because everybody's goal in every league is to win their league. There's a familiarity amongst the players with the teams, because they've played before. Where your out of conference games you may never have played the opponent or you may play them once every blue moon. For me it will just be a conference game. There's more weight involved in the thing and they will be a better opponent."

Can you address the performance of the wide receivers on Saturday considering your concerns with depth at that position coming into the game?
"I think a lot of them got to catch balls, which was good. A lot of them got to get out and play in the game, which was good, because we're going to be relying on each and every one of them. You really only had two that had any reps with Jheranie [Boyd] and [Erik Highsmith]. The rest of them it was like they were all babies out there so it was good for them to get as many reps as possible, get hit, catch a ball.

"The catch that Quinshad [Davis] made down there, that ‘s what you dream about as a freshman going into your first game – making a big catch like that. It's good to see him get the opportunity to do that and I think all of those kids did some nice things. They made a lot of mistakes and they'll learn from them. They'll grow from them. They'll be a better unit as we go."

Gio Bernard had a great all around game. Is there any chance you will lighten his load considering he got a bit nicked up?
"I don't think so. Lightening his load? How many times did he carry the ball? Nine? No, we're not going to lighten it I promise you. We're going to load him up. I want him to touch the ball as many times as possible. We'll be smart, but if you touch the ball nine times and do what you did just think if you get it 18. We won't ride him like a mule or anything, but we'll make sure he gets the touches he deserves."

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