Adams has favorites, interesting rumors

Things are looking up for Butler (NC) safety Jamar Adams, who says that new teams are quickly becoming interested in his services. He also has what could turn out to be major inside information on recruiting in the region.

"In the past few weeks, Georgia, Florida, and Miami have all come on strong," says the 6-foot-4, 180 pounder. "It's crazy how word gets around. Michigan has a coach that was a Georgia grad assistant last year and he told me that he would tell everybody about me. I was going to go to the Georgia camp, but they said they already love me and I don't need to go."

With interest from high-profile schools, Adams says that he is certainly impressed with the new teams.

"I really, really like Georgia. I think that Michigan is on top of them all, and Georgia would be number two. Since the other schools are also looking at me, I don't know where to put them."

At one point, North Carolina sat at number one in Adams' mind, but he is not ruling them out.

"I like Coach Bunting. That is the thing I really like about them is Coach Bunting. I think that everything is ultimately going to come down to prayer."

Adams admits that his faith will play an important role, but he also wants to watch what other players in his state will do as far as commitments.

"Some of the Dudley (High School, NC) guys were saying that if we can, we need to get a big-time thing going by all of us going to North Carolina. Demarrio Pressley and some of the Dudley coaches were saying that we should do that. I think it would be awesome, but you never know if things change."

Jamar Adams
David W Butler HS
Matthews, NC

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