Wetzel ranks the all-time best coaches

CBS Sportsline's Dan Wetzel takes on the difficult task of ranking the game's greatest college coaches.

Since it is opinion (in other words, there really is no right or wrong choice), Don Haskins is an intriguing pick at No. 1.

Dean Smith checks in at No. 2, with some good comments from Wetzel.

The coach with the most victories, 879, Smith was also one its most consistent, churning out national contenders on an annual basis ... Smith pioneered a number of basketball philosophies and was particularly skilled at making extremely talented players work together in his offensive system ... He was as good at the end of his 36-year career as at the beginning, adapting with the times but never giving up on his bedrock beliefs. Proof of his greatness is shown in the only criticism of his record. How, it is asked, with so much talent at his disposal through the years -- he is undoubtedly the best recruiter ever -- he managed just two titles. If that's all anyone can come up with, Smith is undoubtedly among the best.

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