Miller Schedules Official Visit

Dorian Miller finalized the details to his North Carolina official visit on Tuesday evening.

"I talked to the coaches and I'm coming for the Idaho game," the 6-foot-3, 285-pound offensive guard from Metuchen (N.J.) said.

Taking in UNC's game atmosphere is a goal of Miller's.

"I've seen a lot of games everywhere else [and] I just really wanted to see what makes UNC stand out," Miller said.

Fitting an in-season official trip into Miller's schedule was a difficult task. Metuchen lacks a bye week and all but two of its games are played on Saturdays. UNC's home game schedule matched up with just one of Metuchen's free Saturdays - Sept. 29.

Still, one final star needed to align: the game that Saturday had to kickoff in the late afternoon to allow Miller time to travel to Chapel Hill that morning. He received the results he desired on Tuesday.

"We were sitting there and it was almost like ‘Selection Sunday,'" Miller joked. "If it was at [noon], I probably wouldn't have been able to make it or [the trip] would have been forced and not exactly how I'd want it. But 3:30 was prefect – a night game would have been absolutely perfect. But with 3:30, I'll be able to soak up the pregame atmosphere and see what the players have to go through."

UNC -- along with Connecticut, Nebraska, and Rutgers -- make up Miller's final schools list. Due to a late start, Nebraska is trailing the other three.

"I'm basically set on those three/four [schools]," Miller said. "If somebody else does come in and really has a good reason as to why they weren't recruiting me before, then I'll definitely give one other school a shot."

Miller plans to officially visit all four finalists, but hasn't scheduled any trips, outside of the late September visit to UNC.

"With Rutgers and Connecticut, since those are so much closer, it could be more impromptu because I could easily drive to UConn or Rutgers," said Miller. "With UNC, I was going to have to fly, so I had to plan it out more. Plus, with Rutgers I wouldn't mind doing it right after the season.

"With Nebraska, I really don't know what they're trying to do, yet."

Miller's initial plan was to wait until Signing Day to make his collegiate decision. However, when several interested schools filled up, he began considering moving up his decision. After taking a step back, he has returned to the strategy of waiting until Signing Day.

"The three schools I have are willing to wait, so I'll probably just wait until Signing Day," Miller said. "I was just a little nervous at first. My sophomore year I was like ‘Man, I'm getting letters from everywhere.' And then by the end of the summer, my options dried up quick because a lot of guys committed."

The UNC coaching staff has told Miller that while its willing to wait, if another offensive guard verbally committed before him, he will no longer have a scholarship offer.

"They were up front about it, which I definitely appreciate," Miller said. "… They definitely let me know that they're just looking for one more lineman."

Miller's communication with UNC is usually through Dave Duggan, who recruits New Jersey for UNC, and Chris Kapilovic, UNC's offensive line coach.

"They've been calling me every week," Miller said. "We just talk about little stuff, like how my game went. It's good motivation, because my season started off rough with us being 0-2. But they're really encouraging. I'm definitely more comfortable with them."

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