Dinkins Learns Lesson

North Carolina 2014 verbal commitment Robert Dinkins learned a valuable lesson about his status as a recruit when he recently attempted to attend a Clemson football game incognito.

"This is all pretty new to me," Dinkins said. "… I have definitely learned that I have to be careful of what I do. It was definitely a learning experience for me."

Dinkins, a 6-foot-2, 225-pound defensive end from Charlotte (N.C.) Olympic, verbally committed to UNC in mid-June. Thus, when word began to leak out – followed by photos and stories – that he was visiting Clemson for the Ball State game, it caused alarm among Tar Heel fans.

"Growing up, I loved Daquan Bowers and I grew up liking Clemson – of course I'm a Tar Heel now," Dinkins said. "I just always wanted to see [Clemson] play. I've never been to Death Valley and they said I had free tickets, so I figured I would take advantage of that and go see the game. That's all it really was – there was no thoughts about switching my commitment. Definitely, I was there as a fan – not as a recruit.

"I'm still a Tar Heel and I'm 100-percent sure that's where I want to go when I graduate high school."

When considering using his complimentary Clemson tickets, Dinkins knew UNC wasn't going to be happy to see one of its commitments on another school's campus.

"To be honest, when I went to the game, I didn't want anything to get out," Dinkins said. "I was trying to stay clear of the media, but obviously that didn't work."

The UNC coaching staff found out about the visit to Clemson through media reports. To provide an explanation, Dinkins called Gunter Brewer, his primary recruiter, Sunday night and then again late Tuesday evening. The Tuesday conversation also included Larry Fedora.

"Once I talked to them about it, they started to figure out that they really don't have much to worry about," Dinkins said. "Mostly, they were just checking up on me – making sure my commitment was still strong. And then we talked about the ECU game and their game plan and how they're going in to it this weekend. And then we talked about my game plan and what we're doing against my opponent."

Unless unforeseen circumstances arise, Dinkins is finished visiting outside schools.

"I'm not going to say I'm not going to visit other places, because you never know what's going to happen," Dinkins said. "But I'm definitely going to make sure I have a good reason to go somewhere if I do. The only thing that could get me to visit another school is if something crazy happens with Carolina, like something goes wrong with those guys. I don't think anything is going to happen.

"But right now, I'm not really looking at anybody else. I'm just staying focused with Carolina – I talk to my parents almost every day with that. It's really big with [my parents] that I stay committed."

With all that said, Dinkins has plans to – at the very least – attend UNC's next four home games.

"I'm going to bring some guys from my school with me this Saturday so I can show them how great Carolina is," Dinkins said. "I have plans for the three [consecutive] home games, so hopefully those don't fall through. And I know for a fact that I'll be at (the) NC State (game), because my brother is flying in that weekend and I want to show him where I'll be going to school at. I should be at the rest of the home games, honestly."

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